Ms. Neubauer, is Mr. Sewing lying about Deutsche Bank's climate protection efforts?

Archibald Preuschat

Editor in Business

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"Lying" is a big word, and banks also know their way around legally.

Let's put it this way: If Deutsche Bank says it supports the Paris climate goals and then contributes with its fossil investments to the goals no longer being met - then something is wrong.

They are calling for Deutsche Bank to phase out fossil fuel financing.

Does that also include the financing of LNG terminals in order to become less dependent on Russian natural gas?

This is more complex than a yes or no answer.

The financing of a short-term floating terminal is to be assessed differently than the now planned construction of a dozen stationary LNG terminals.

We have to get away from Putin, but he's not the only autocrat in the world either.

It must be prevented at all costs that new oil and gas infrastructure is now being blindly built, which is driving us further into fossil dependencies and into the climate crisis.

It needs renewables.

After all, Deutsche Bank undertakes sustainability initiatives.

Sustainability is not a fun afternoon hobby.

Deutsche Bank finances projects that, taken together, make it impossible to achieve the climate protection goals.

We don't call that sustainability, but greenwashing.

Young people are advised to invest in stocks to save for their retirement.

Do you hold shares?

Before I start thinking about my retirement plans, I have to think about what planet I'll be growing old on.

Young people first need life provisions, then they can think about everything else.

What would Deutsche Bank have to do to win you over as a shareholder?

Deutsche Bank has to withdraw from the financing of the EACOP pipeline.

Then there must be a fundamental exit from the financing of fossil fuels.