Zhongxin Finance, May 20 (Zuo Yuqing) On the 19th, the first Moutai ice cream flagship store was officially opened at the Moutai International Hotel. Related topics rushed to the hot search on Weibo and caused heated discussions among netizens.

  Many netizens left messages: "Does it count as drunk driving?" "Can it be eaten for children?" "Can it increase in value after a few years?"


Really contains 53 degrees Feitian Moutai


  It is reported that the ice cream currently launched by the ice cream flagship store has two flavors of original flavor and vanilla flavor, and the tasting price is 39 yuan per serving, and it is planned to release the pre-made ice cream selection original flavor (light milk), vanilla and green plum on May 29. Classic taste.

  The staff of Moutai International Hotel told Zhongxin Finance that the ice cream currently sold in the store is made according to

the ratio of 50g of 53 degrees Feitian Moutai per 1kg of milk


"The specific measured alcohol concentration may fluctuate."

The first Moutai ice cream flagship store.

From Kweichow Moutai WeChat public account.

  Regarding questions raised by netizens such as "Do you eat Maotai ice cream?" "Does it count as drunk driving?", the staff said that the two ice creams can be tasted by minors and will not affect normal driving.

"It's fine to drink some water after eating, or wait half an hour before driving."

  A relevant person from the police station told Zhongxin Finance that whether driving under the influence of alcohol is determined by the blood alcohol concentration. The alcohol content is greater than or equal to 20mg/100ml, but less than 80mg/100ml constitutes drinking and driving, and the alcohol content is greater than or equal to 80mg/100ml constitutes drunkenness. Driving, a small amount of alcoholic ice cream will not affect normal driving.

Can hoarding increase in value?

  Kweichow Moutai is well-known to the public, not only for its unique liquor flavor, but also for its collection value.

At present, the market guide price of 53%vol 500ml Feitian Moutai is 1499 yuan/bottle, and the price of scalpers is above 2500 yuan/bottle.

  On March 31 this year, Moutai's official e-commerce platform "i Moutai" was launched for trial operation, which was regarded as another attempt of the direct-sale model.

From the trial operation to the official launch, i Moutai has successively launched 9 types of liquor, but in the face of huge market demand, it is still "hard to find a bottle".

  Therefore, when "Moutai Ice Cream" was on the hot search on Weibo, many netizens complained: "If you buy it and store it for a few years, will it also appreciate in value?"

Original Moutai ice cream.

From the WeChat public account of Maotai International Hotel.

  The staff of the International Hotel told Zhongxin Finance that the current ice cream flagship store is open to all consumers, and there are no shopping thresholds and no purchase restrictions.

However, the current sales method is limited to store sales, and e-commerce channels have not yet been opened.

  According to media reports, after May 29, consumers can order ice cream through i Moutai, and then the cold chain distribution will be opened, and consumers in other cities will also have the opportunity to taste Moutai ice cream.

In the future, Moutai's dealers can also open franchise stores.

  In this regard, Zhongxin Finance asked the customer service of i Moutai e-commerce.

The customer service said that they have not received this notice yet, and the specific announcement shall prevail.