The IMF = International Monetary Fund predicted that the Japanese economy will continue to pick up due to the recovery of consumption, and pointed out that supply chain = supply network disruption and rising prices such as energy are downward risks to the economy. bottom.

At a seminar held by the IMF on the 20th, a person in charge of analyzing the Asian economy predicted that the growth rate of the Japanese economy would increase by 2.4%, saying that consumption that had been suppressed by the spread of infection will recover and continue to pick up. I introduced it again.

On the other hand, he pointed out that the downside risks to the economy are the disruption of the supply chain = supply network due to the spread of the new corona infection, the tension of geopolitics due to the invasion of Ukraine, and the rise in prices such as energy and food. ..

He said that the government's policies to support the economy, such as support for low-income earners, are appropriate, but after the economic recovery, it is important to work hard on fiscal consolidation in the medium to long term with an eye on aging. I emphasized.