Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. had a shortage of parts due to the trouble of industrial water that occurred in Aichi Prefecture, and the operation was stopped at the finished car factory of the group company, but it is expected that parts can be secured on the 19th. I decided to restart at night.

Toyota Motor has suspended the operation of one finished vehicle factory from the morning of 19th because a large-scale leak occurred at an intake of industrial water in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, which affected the production of parts. increase.

At the factory in Obu City, Aichi Prefecture, of the group company "Toyota Industries", two lines for assembling finished vehicles have stopped.

It is said that the impact of this shutdown on production will be about 600 units.

On the other hand, Toyota decided to restart the factory from the night of the 19th, saying that it is expected to be able to produce parts as a result of taking measures to secure water as a substitute for industrial water.

Toyota says that if it takes time to fully restore industrial water, it may affect the securing of parts again, so we will keep an eye on trends, including the situation of our business partners.

Mitsubishi Motors Well water factory operation as usual

Mitsubishi Motors has an assembly plant for finished vehicles in Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture, and has been operating the plant using well water since the 18th due to a supply problem of industrial water.

It means that it is operating normally on the 19th.

The company says, "Because we are able to utilize well water, we are not in a situation to stop the factory immediately."