China Securities Journal, China Securities Taurus reporter exclusively learned that the private real estate listed company Newtown Holdings (26.200, 1.93, 7.95%) plans to issue a medium-term note in the inter-bank market in the near future, and the creator will also issue a credit risk mitigation certificate (CRMW ) to provide credit protection for the mid-term ticket, thus escorting this issuance.

The reporter learned that the current issue of mid-term notes is planned to issue no more than 1 billion yuan, and the term may be 2+1 years. China Chengxin International has given the issuer's main body and the current debt double AAA rating, and it is tentatively scheduled to be issued in late May.

The reporter also noticed that the website of the Shanghai Stock Exchange shows that the status of the 6.232 billion yuan small public bond project of Seazen Holdings has been updated to "feedback" a few days ago.

  Recently, positive policy signals to support the bond financing of private enterprises have been released in a concentrated manner. With the support of corresponding mechanisms, private enterprises including many real estate enterprises have successively launched a new round of bond issuance plans.

  The China Securities Regulatory Commission recently announced that the exchange bond market has launched a special support plan for private enterprise bond financing.

The special support plan for private enterprise bond financing is implemented by China Securities Finance with its own funds. By cooperating with bond underwriters to create credit protection tools, etc., credit enhancement supports have market, prospects, and technological competitiveness, and are in line with national industrial policies and policies. Strategic direction of private enterprise bond financing.

  In the inter-bank market, the NAFMII held an online research symposium on the development of private enterprise bond financing on May 17, saying that it had organized ChinaBond Credit Enhancement Corporation to voluntarily set up the "ChinaBond Private Enterprise Bond Financing Support Tool" (CSIPB).

According to reports, in terms of operation mode, CSIPB continues to follow the "one arrow and six stars" model, through the creation of risk mitigation certificates, guarantee credit enhancement, transaction-based credit enhancement, credit-linked notes, direct investment and local state-owned enterprise cooperation. Support eligible private enterprises to issue bonds.

  Industry insiders believe that under the current situation, both the interbank and exchange bond markets have launched a new round of private enterprise bond financing support tools, which has further released a policy support signal for private enterprise bond financing and will help boost the market's confidence in private enterprise bond investment. At the same time, it will form a "demonstration effect" on the market, and guide more market forces such as bank securities companies and professional credit enhancement institutions to use the market-oriented credit enhancement model to serve private enterprises for debt financing.

  According to media reports, a number of private real estate companies such as Country Garden, Longfor Group, and Midea Real Estate have become the first batch of support objects.

  "I look forward to this list becoming longer, so that everyone can see the implementation of the policy, and inject valuable confidence into the market." A head of the fixed income department of a brokerage told reporters.

  On the morning of May 19, the A-share real estate sector rose against the trend. As of 10:55, the CITIC Real Estate Industry Index rose about 1.4%, the only industry sector that rose more than 1%.