China News Agency, Beijing, May 19 (Reporter Chen Su) The reporter learned from the State Administration of Grain and Material Reserves of China on the 19th that China's grain production has remained generally stable this year, and the growth of wheat is comparable to that of normal years, and a bumper harvest is based.

  Based on various information, China's grain production has remained generally stable this year, and it is expected to continue to have a good harvest.

In terms of varieties, the growth of wheat is similar to that of normal years, and there is a foundation for a bumper harvest. The sown area of ​​rapeseed is expanded, and the output is expected to increase. The transplanting of early indica rice is basically completed, and the output is expected to increase steadily.

The spring sowing has passed 70%, and the progress is faster than the previous year.

  From the listing of autumn grains in mid-September 2021 to the end of April this year, the acquisition of autumn grains in China has been successfully completed. In general, the total amount of acquisitions is higher than that of the previous year. As of April 30, 2022, various grain enterprises in the main producing areas have accumulated a total of acquisitions. Autumn grain was 370.5 billion catties, an increase of 50 billion catties or 16% year-on-year, and the total amount purchased was at a relatively high level in recent years.

In terms of varieties, middle and late rice was 132.6 billion catties, an increase of 11 billion catties year-on-year, corn was 233.1 billion catties, an increase of 39.1 billion catties year-on-year, which was the variety with the highest purchase volume and the largest increase.

  According to reports, since the listing of autumn grains, the market of the main grain varieties has been relatively good.

  Summer grain is dominated by wheat, accounting for about 1/4 of the annual output. The purchase of summer grain is the first battle of grain purchase throughout the year.

Recently, China's summer grain and oil purchases have been launched one after another. China continues to implement the minimum purchase price policy for wheat and rice in some major producing areas. The minimum purchase prices for wheat, early indica rice, mid-late indica rice, and japonica rice have all increased compared with the previous year.

  The relevant person in charge of the State Bureau of Grain and Material Reserves said that they will make every effort to do a good job in the purchase of summer grains, and firmly hold the bottom line of farmers' "grain can be sold".

On the one hand, guide all localities to take multiple measures to carry out market-oriented acquisitions, and guide multiple entities to actively enter the market;

During the acquisition period, the company will closely track the changes in the grain market situation, regularly release information such as the purchase progress and price of summer grains, and promote coordinated solutions to the difficulties and problems existing in the acquisition.

Further standardize corporate acquisitions, seriously investigate and deal with violations of laws and regulations, and effectively maintain a sound acquisition market order.