China News Service, May 19 (Reporter Wang Enbo) Under the repeated epidemics, China's economy is facing multiple tests.

To help stabilize the economic market, the role of the financial industry is indispensable.

  The China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission held a regular press conference on the banking and insurance industry on the 19th. The heads of the three financial institutions, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China CITIC Bank, and PICC appeared on the same stage, showing that the banking and insurance industry has overcome difficulties and "attacks from all sides" to help the real economy Action and determination for steady and healthy development.

——Continue to increase investment and financing support

  In the current environment, the key to "stabilizing growth" is to boost the real economy.

To this end, major banks are increasing their investment and financing support.

  Liao Lin, President of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, introduced that the bank has done a good job of "addition" to maintain a rapid growth in the total investment and financing.

At the end of April, ICBC's domestic RMB loans increased by more than 1 trillion yuan (RMB, the same below) compared with the beginning of the year, an increase of more than 200 billion yuan year-on-year, leading the market in increments and hitting a record high.

Among them, corporate loans accumulated 2.32 trillion yuan, an increase of 330.9 billion yuan over the same period, an increase of 16.6%.

  At the same time, ICBC has also done a good job of "multiplication" to achieve accurate and direct investment.

Focus on investing in key economic areas and weak links such as manufacturing, small and micro enterprises, green development, science and technology innovation, private enterprises, and rural revitalization, and provide special support for areas that are greatly affected by the epidemic and industries that are temporarily in difficulty, play a multiplier role, and increase loan growth in related areas. are higher than the growth rate of all loans.

  Fang Heying, president of China CITIC Bank, revealed that the bank anchored the key areas of the real economy, and provided a package of "combination punches" in terms of strategy, mechanism, resources, products and management promotion, increased the assessment of branches, and vigorously innovated with customers as the center. Continue to focus on resources and strive to increase credit supply.

On the basis of a 70.4% increase last year, China CITIC Bank's loans to strategic emerging industries reached 338.2 billion yuan at the end of April this year, a year-on-year increase of 60.6%.

- Take the initiative to serve epidemic prevention and control

  We are currently in a critical period of epidemic prevention and control. To serve epidemic prevention and control, various financial institutions took the initiative and showed their "good skills".

  Wang Tingke, president of PICC Group, said that PICC is fully committed to speeding up vaccination.

Provide comprehensive risk protection for vaccine development, transportation, and vaccination.

In the R&D process, PICC P&C exclusively provided Sinopharm Group China Biotech with multi-phase new crown vaccine abnormal reaction compensation insurance services to assist vaccine companies in R&D.

In the transportation link, PICC P&C provides vaccine transportation risk protection for pharmaceutical and logistics companies, with a cumulative risk of 20 billion yuan.

  Wang Tingke also revealed that in the vaccination link, PICC Health has underwritten nearly 1.7 billion doses of the new crown vaccine since the successful development of the new crown vaccine in 2020, accounting for about half of the national new crown vaccine vaccinations, covering 31 provinces across the country, with a claim amount of over 85 million Yuan, escort for an early victory over the epidemic.

  The banking industry has also made targeted efforts to ensure the financial demand for epidemic prevention and control.

Liao Lin said that in terms of ensuring anti-epidemic and epidemic prevention, the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China has continued to increase its credit support for epidemic prevention and control enterprises across the country. 100 million yuan to fully support epidemic prevention and control and the resumption of work and production.

——Bailout and profit transfer "financial temperature"

  The epidemic has had a huge impact on small, medium and micro enterprises, and the bancassurance industry has continued to pass on "financial warmth" in bailouts and profits.

  In the recent outbreak of an epidemic in some areas of Beijing, PICC and the Chaoyang District Government jointly launched the "Chaoyang District Service-Oriented Enterprise Epidemic Prevention and Control Insurance", which covers the restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, restaurants, restaurants and restaurants that must be closed due to contact with confirmed cases or close contacts. Basic insurance protection is provided for the risk of salary suspension that employees of service-oriented enterprises such as retail may face.

  According to Wang Tingke, as of the end of April, the above-mentioned insurance types have covered 62,000 enterprises, underwriting about 740,000 people, and have successively completed compensation payments for about 250 companies and more than 1,200 people, with a total compensation amount of more than 1.35 million yuan.

  The banking industry helps enterprises "create blood" and "activate blood" by continuing to benefit the real economy.

Fang Heying introduced that last year, the average loan interest rate of China CITIC Bank dropped by 31 basis points compared with 2020, which was more than 6 basis points of the average level of joint-stock banks, and the direct interest rate was reduced by 13.8 billion yuan.

At the same time, while lowering the loan interest rate, the bank has reduced and exempted preferential handling fees through a multi-pronged approach. Last year, it reduced and exempted about 4 billion yuan in handling fees for various customers.