As the number of users of plans that contract on the Internet instead of face-to-face is increasing, it can be seen that NTT DoCoMo is forecasting that the number of dealers "Docomo Shops" nationwide will decrease by about 30% by 2025. I did.

At NTT DoCoMo, the number of people who complete online procedures with Korona-ka is increasing, and the number of contracts for the bargain plan "ahamo", which is contracted on the Internet, has exceeded 3 million, which is 4% of the total, in just over a year from the start of the plan.

Under these circumstances, the number of customers visiting the "docomo shops", which are about 2,300 stores nationwide, is decreasing, so the company expects that the number of stores will decrease by about 700 by 2025, or about 30%. I found out that.

Based on this outlook, the company plans to consolidate and abolish stores while strengthening online customer service by store clerks.

Also, in anticipation of the spread of the virtual space "Metaverse", we will consider services that meet the needs of the next generation, such as customer service using avatars of alter ego.

Mobile companies other than NTT DoCoMo are also reducing their communication revenue due to the introduction of bargain plans, and it seems that it will be an issue to secure new revenue sources and review conventional sales methods that require fixed costs.