Several large retailers are mobilizing to support the purchasing power of customers, but also to attract consumers.

Thus, the Casino brands have set up a special offer for the over 65s, representing “28% of our customers” explained Cédric Osternaud, marketing and innovation director of the Casino Brands, to



Since May 3, 2022, the CasinoMax subscription has been offered to them at 3 euros per month or 30 euros per year.

It allows you to benefit from 10% on the whole store, including promotional products, at each checkout.

This subscription was usually offered at 10 euros per month.

An offer for students

“We can clearly see that the elderly are particularly affected by the phenomenon of inflation, the amount of pensions not increasing very quickly”, analyzed Cédric Osternaud.

He assures us that the offer “has already met with great success with our customers with several thousand subscriptions taken out”.

According to the manager, the subscription would be profitable from 30 euros of products purchased.

Already, Casino stores had mobilized for students, from October 2021. The latter could subscribe to the CasinoMax subscription for 2 euros per month.

The price difference would be justified.

"It's a little cheaper for them because, despite everything, there is a difference in income for students who receive almost nothing and those over 65," said Cédric Osternaud.

Other advantages

The retail giant has set up a broader system for seniors.

For example, it offers free delivery for those over 65 from 60 euros of purchase, against 150 euros for other customers.

Seniors also benefit from priority checkout or a concierge service.

Offered with Dealt, the latter allows customers to benefit from certain services such as ironing or DIY.


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