Choshi Electric Railway in Chiba Prefecture, which continues to be difficult to manage due to the decrease in users, renewed the dilapidated station by incorporating the idea of ​​singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu and unveiled it on the 18th.

Choshi Electric Railway, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary next year, is a local line connecting 10 stations in Choshi city, 6.4 km, and while the number of users is decreasing with the spread of private cars, it is severe due to the Great East Japan Earthquake and the new corona. Management continued, and the settlement of accounts in March last year resulted in a deficit of approximately 40 million yen.

Choshi Electric Railway, with the cooperation of singer Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, who is working to enliven the region, renewed the dilapidated Kannon station and unveiled it on the 18th in an attempt to improve the difficult business situation.

Incorporating Kyary's ideas, the waiting room and toilets have been repainted in white and pink to make them brighter.

In addition, the bench at the station, which was broken and could not be seated, was repaired with the proceeds of Choshi Electric Railway tickets and goods sold at Kyary's concert.

Kyary said, "It takes energy to overcome the problem, so please turn your pinch into an opportunity and do your best."

Mr. Katsunori Takemoto, President of Choshi Electric Railway, said, "I am grateful to Kyary, who is active in the world, for the project to energize the region. I hope that many customers will use it and enjoy it."