World number one in regional aviation thanks to its turbo-propelled aircraft of less than 90 seats, the aeronautical manufacturer ATR unveiled its ambitions in terms of sustainable aviation on Wednesday.

Based in Toulouse, the subsidiary of Airbus and the Italian Leonardo presented the new generation of its family of aircraft which will be on the market by 2030: the ATR “EVO” whose program will be launched on next year.

Eager to know more about the EVO?

Click the link to hear all the details, including contributions from CEO Stefano Bortoli, SVP of Engineering Stephane Viala and SVP Commercial, Fabrice Vautier. #Sustainability #IntoLife #innovation #ATREVO

— ATR (@ATRaircraft) May 18, 2022

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New technologies, including new propellers and an eco-designed cabin, will increase the aircraft's performance, but also reduce operating costs.

Being able to fly on 100% Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), this turboprop will approach near-zero emissions when airlines switch to this fuel source.

And when powered by kerosene, "the aircraft will emit more than 50% less CO2 than a regional jet", indicated Stefano Bortoli, Executive Chairman of ATR.

A way for the "Tom Thumb" of aeronautics to engage a little more in the decarbonization of aviation.

“The ATR EVO will be even more economical, with a double-digit reduction in operating costs, enabled in particular by a 20% reduction in both fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

This means that airlines will be able to serve routes with low passenger flows in a more profitable way,” assured the commercial director of ATR.


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