China News Service, Guangzhou, May 16th (Cai Minjie and Chen Xubin) With the slow rotation of the cable drum, the first cable strand of the main cable on the left side of the Lingdingyang Bridge departed from the West Anchorage, which took about 6 hours to cross Lingdingyang and successfully arrived. East Anchorage of the Bridge.

The Guangdong Provincial Transportation Group said on the 16th that the first strand of the main cable of the Lingdingyang Bridge was successfully erected, marking that the bridge has fully entered the construction of the main superstructure project.

  On the construction site, builders in orange work uniforms pulled out the front end of the cable strand and hung it on a puller tied with a big red flower. Move ashore.

Under the "guardianship" of the workers, the cable unit walked from the west anchor to the main tower with a height of 270 meters, passed the main bridge of 1666 meters, and then went down from the main tower to the east anchor. The whole process was 6 hours, and the erection was successfully completed.

  As an important force-bearing component of the bridge, the main cable is called the "spine" of the suspension bridge, and its main function is to distribute the weight of the entire bridge to the main tower and the anchorage.

The first main cable strand of the Shenzhen-Zhongshan Channel was successfully erected. Photo by Chen Xubin

  The Lingdingyang Bridge is designed as a suspension bridge with a main span of 1,666 meters, with two main cables.

Each main cable of the Lingdingyang Bridge consists of 199 long cable strands. A single cable strand uses 127 high-strength galvanized aluminum steel wires of 2060 MPa, which are about 3 kilometers long and weigh about 90 tons, and can bear the ultimate tensile force as high as 740. ton, which is 1.5 times that of the Nansha Bridge that has been opened to traffic. This is also the main cable wire of the suspension bridge with the highest strength level in China.

  "Lingdingyang Bridge is located in the middle of the Pearl River estuary, where the wind field is large and the sea conditions are complex. Wind vibration makes the conventional caliper adjustment method extremely difficult to operate, and the cable adjustment has a short window period. At the same time, the sea conditions affect the measurement data dispersion. These two The superposition of unfavorable factors will make it extremely difficult to control the erection accuracy of the cable strands." Wu Yujian, deputy chief engineer of the S05 standard of Poly Changshen Channel, introduced the innovative use of comprehensive construction methods to precisely adjust the cable strands to ensure that the cable strands are erected accurately and accurately. schedule.

  According to the construction plan, all the main cables of the Lingdingyang Bridge are expected to be erected by the end of September, and then it will be transferred to the later work such as cable tightening, cable clamp and sling installation, and steel box girder hoisting construction.