As the global semiconductor shortage continues, Renesas Electronics, a major semiconductor manufacturer, announced that it will install new equipment at its once closed factory in Yamanashi Prefecture and resume production.

We aim for mass production in Japan, mainly for EVs = electric vehicles.

Production will resume at the factory of a subsidiary of Renesas Electronics in Kai City, Yamanashi Prefecture.

This factory was closed in 2014 due to management rationalization due to poor performance, and two of the three buildings were demolished, but the company spends about 90 billion yen on the remaining buildings and new equipment. Will be introduced and the production of semiconductors will be resumed by the end of 2024 next year.

Regarding semiconductors, in addition to communication equipment and home appliances, there is a global shortage of products for automobiles, and it is expected that demand for EVs = electric vehicles will increase rapidly in the future.

The reopening factory is aiming for mass production of "power semiconductors" that control electric power in order to meet these demands.

As a company, the production capacity of power semiconductors is expected to double, and about half of the newly required 200 to 300 employees will be hired from within Yamanashi prefecture.

Recently, in order to secure semiconductors that are indispensable to the industry, the attraction of factories by overseas manufacturers and the domestic capital investment by Japanese manufacturers are becoming more active.