In 2017, the General Motors group sold Opel and Vauxhall for 1.3 billion euros to Groupe PSA, which will then become Stellantis.

Paradoxically, while Opel had always been loss-making under the aegis of GM, it will become almost immediately profitable after its takeover!

A few years earlier, the American group had also withdrawn Chevrolet from the European market.

All that remained of us was the Camaro and the Corvette.

Suffice to say that GM had disappeared from the Old Continent.

Since then, the group has focused on growing its brands in its home market and in China, not without developing new electric vehicles and autonomous driving technologies.

And today, the time seems to have come to expand the clientele.

To do this, GM has launched a subsidiary specializing in mobility services: Cruise.

It is through the latter that the American giant would make its big comeback in Europe.

And the least we can say is that the American is not lacking in ambition, since after leaving through the back door, GM recently announced its desire to become the leader in electric vehicles.

Better still, he wants to surpass Tesla!

Thus, by 2035, the American group should make its range 100% electric.

The brands of the American group have recently unveiled models such as the Cadillac Lyriq, the GMC Hummer EV, or the Chevrolet Silverado EV and Equinox EV.

As an electric compact SUV, this model could well be one of the first to land with us.


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