(Shanghai War Epidemic Record) All 16 districts in Shanghai have achieved social clearance, and 16 construction sites of the first batch of major projects have resumed work

  China News Service, Shanghai, May 17 (Reporter Chen Jing) At the press conference on the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic in Shanghai held on the 17th, Zhao Dandan, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission, said that at present, all 16 districts in Shanghai have Social zero has been achieved.

  Zhu Jianhao, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, introduced that the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development released the first batch of "White Lists for Resumption of Work and Production at Major Construction Sites in Shanghai", involving a total of 24 projects.

At present, among the first batch of 24 projects, Zhangjiang Laboratory R&D Building, Large Green Data Center (Tencent Project), Hehui Optoelectronics sixth-generation AMOLED production line capacity expansion project, Rail Transit Line 18 Phase II, Shanghai Jiaotong University School of Medicine Pudong 16 projects including the campus have resumed work, and 8 projects are in preparation for resumption.

  It is reported that the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Housing and Urban-Rural Development (Municipal Office), together with the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, took the lead in the industry authorities, relevant districts and participating units to establish a municipal-level coordination mechanism for the resumption of work and production of major projects, and to steadily promote epidemic prevention and control during the process of resumption of work and production. Employee return to work, material transportation, emergency management and other related work.

According to reports, at this stage, projects with outstanding importance to the development of the industry are mainly focused on strategic and leading projects. The "white list" will be dynamically updated according to the city's epidemic prevention and control situation and the demand for resumption of work and production.

Zhu Jianhao revealed that the second batch of "white list" is under review.

  If the project is to be included in the "white list for resumption of work and production of major projects", the regional government (or the functional area management committee) of the competent industry department should propose the major projects and related bidding sections of the city to resume work and production according to the local epidemic prevention and control situation. It is recommended that a "white list" be formed after review.

The project (legal person) unit must formulate a work resumption plan and complete the filing: According to the requirements of "one site, one plan", it is necessary to formulate a construction site epidemic prevention and control and safety production management plan, so that personnel, machines, materials, construction methods, and the environment can be protected together. , to clarify that relevant measures for the arrangement and management of temporary isolation areas on construction sites are in place to ensure that epidemic prevention and control are in place and safety and quality are controllable.

  In addition, major project sites applying for resumption of work must also be green sites.

Real-name health management must be implemented for construction workers in the closed area of ​​the construction site.

Zhu Jianhao pointed out that after the resumption of work, local epidemic prevention and control departments and industrial engineering safety and quality supervision agencies will review and supervise the site by means of random inspections and inspections. rectification.

  Zhu Jianhao said bluntly that the resumption of major projects is not a one-off event, and to achieve a normalized production level, the recovery of the entire industrial chain in the society and the safe and orderly flow of personnel are still needed.

He believes that the resumption of work and production of major projects must be based on consolidating the results of epidemic prevention and control, based on the establishment of a normal chemical industry epidemic prevention and control system, and according to the rhythm of the city's resumption of work and production, classification, division, and stages.

  It is reported that on the 16th, Shanghai added 77 local confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia and 746 local asymptomatic infections; 1 new local death case, the patient was a 92-year-old female, and the direct cause of death was the underlying disease.

As of 24:00 on the 16th, 259 severe patients and 64 critically ill patients were treated in designated medical institutions.