Science and Technology Daily reporter Wu Changfeng

  May 17th is World Telecommunications and Information Society Day. Recently, China Telecom released the industry's first VoLTE encrypted call product based on quantum information technology - Tianyi Quantum HD Secret Call.

According to reports, this product adopts the "triple protection" of domestic customized mobile phones, quantum security SIM cards and national secret algorithms. On the basis of guaranteeing the native support of the terminal and VoLTE high-definition calls, it provides users with "pipe-terminal-core" integrated security protection. , and bring a new experience of technology, fashion, security and convenience of confidential communication.

Will "quantum high-definition secret words" be our first close contact with quantum technology?

  Domestic customization, every word is secret, not afraid of deciphering

  According to reports, the Tianyi quantum high-definition secret phone released this time is equipped with a customized terminal of China Telecom, a quantum security SIM card with domestic chips, and self-developed quantum security middleware, which completes the encryption and decryption of VoLTE voice data on the mobile phone side, effectively preventing calls. Monitored during network transmissions.

  In fact, as early as January 2021, China Telecom announced the establishment of a joint venture company, China Telecom Quantum Technology Co., Ltd., with National Shield Quantum, to lay out the quantum security industry in advance.

Quantum secret phone products have been tested in Beijing, Anhui, Guangdong and other places.

After more than a year, what is the difference between the Tianyi Quantum HD secret phone products launched this time?

  "Quantum secret phones are all based on the core technology provided by Guodun Quantum. The Tianyi quantum high-definition secret phone released this time, users can experience the quantum high-definition secret phone without changing the card number." Zhang Rutong, technical director of Guodun Quantum Solutions, told Science and Technology Daily Reporter, the difference between the two is that the product form is different.

"Quantum secret phone products use the SIM card as the carrier, and there is no need to replace the mobile phone, and the user threshold is low. Tianyi quantum high-definition secret phone uses the mobile phone as the carrier, and adopts the domestic customized mobile phone, quantum security SIM card and national secret algorithm 'triple protection'. "Zhang Rutong said.

  Compared with the former, Tianyi Quantum HD secret dialing method is also different.

"The quantum secret phone product realizes VoIP quantum encrypted calls. Users open this service, replace the quantum security SIM card, and download and install the Tianyi Quantum App through the mobile phone to enjoy encrypted calls and encrypted text messages." Zhang Rutong told reporters.

  He said that Tianyi Quantum HD Secret Phone integrates China Telecom's VoLTE network and quantum information technology. Compared with other call modes, VoLTE can make the network continuous during the call and improve the quality of audio and video calls.

After combining quantum encryption technology, users can directly make encrypted calls through the dial pad, "Every time the user initiates a quantum encrypted call, the key in the card will be randomly extracted to verify the user's identity, and after the authentication is passed, a new key will be generated in real time by the quantum network. Encrypt session data. The key is random and difficult to decipher, and the key is discarded immediately after the session ends.” Zhang Rutong said that when either party does not support this service, the call will automatically fall back to the original VoLTE call, which is convenient to operate and fast to connect. , without the slightest frustration, while ensuring the high-definition quality of the call, it greatly enhances the security and confidentiality of the call.

  Suitable for industry users who pursue information security

  "At present, the quantum secret phone is suitable for large and medium-sized enterprises in various fields such as government affairs, finance, and energy, as well as industry users who pursue information security. It is also open to public users who need confidential communication, and has broad application prospects and promotion value. "Zhang Rutong said.

  It is understood that the quantum secret phone product has been officially launched since January 1, 2021, and the current scale of end users is nearly 300,000.

The newly released Tianyi Quantum HD Secret Call is a new member of China Telecom's "Quantum + Encrypted Call" product family. New app for conversions.

  "At present, we have initially built an independent and controllable quantum security capability system, and will launch a series of products and solutions such as 'quantum + encryption networking', 'quantum + secure Internet of Things', etc., to provide customers with higher levels of government affairs, finance and energy. High-level security services." Zhang Rutong said that there will be more product types, and quantum encryption technology will be applied to all aspects including call security.

  Industry experts said that in terms of call encryption alone, this is not a new feature for mobile phones, and quantum-safe mobile phones have made new breakthroughs in encryption methods and security.

However, call encryption is not currently a mainstream demand in the mobile phone market. Data security is very important, but it is not easily perceived by consumers.

Consumer demand for encryption will grow as more personal data and financial information are stored on smartphones.

Now ordinary people can buy quantum high-definition secret phone mobile phones to try.