With a modified Renault Zoé, the team from the Tarn company ARM Engineering drove with a single battery charge and a full tank of 200 liters of GH-3, a fuel made from the methanization of manure feeding a fuel cell .

Five drivers took turns at the wheel of the prototype on the Albi circuit for three days, from 7 a.m. to midnight, in order to beat the record for the distance traveled by a hydrogen vehicle, namely 1,360 km, previously set by a Toyota Mirai in the United States.

The new record, set at 2,055.68 km, was validated by a bailiff and an official timekeeper.

Obviously, gossips are already pointing the finger that with a hydrogen tank in a trailer, the Zoé could have traveled 10,000 km.

Others, more measured, regret that no information about the congestion of the system has been communicated.

What is good to know, however, is that the mechanism is also adaptable to a thermal car, on which it would suffice to add a conversion box so that it can run thanks to the GH-3.

The device would reduce CO2 emissions by 80% and no longer emit fine particles.


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