In the financial results of last year, the three major financial group companies recorded the cost of preparing for bad debts over loans related to Russia, and the impact on Russia-related business performance exceeded 350 billion yen, and each company is in the situation in Ukraine. We are becoming more vigilant about the future.

Of these, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group recorded the cost of preparing for a bad debt with related loans due to the economic sanctions of each country against Russia's invasion of Ukraine, and the aircraft for Russia owned by the group company could not be collected. In total, it is said that the impact was 100 billion yen.

At the press conference, Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group President Jun Ota said, "In the worst case, there is a risk that a local subsidiary in Russia will be requisitioned, and it is difficult to predict the future."

In addition, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group posted a loan of 140 billion yen for bad debts in Russia-related loans, and Mizuho Financial Group also posted 116.1 billion yen.

As a result, the impact on Russia-related business performance has exceeded 350 billion yen in total for the three companies, and each company is becoming more cautious about the future of the situation in Ukraine.

On the other hand, the final profits of each company were

▽ Mitsubishi UFJ increased by 45.5% from the previous year to 1,130.8 billion yen, a record high, and

▽ Sumitomo Mitsui increased by 37.8% to 706.6 billion yen

▽ Mizuho .

Increased by 12.6% to 530.4 billion yen.