Zhongxin Finance, May 16. According to the "Shanghai Release" news on the 16th, regarding the transportation organization, Shanghai's urban transportation, from May 16th, non-centers such as Jinshan and Fengxian where cruise taxis and private cars can be cleared in the society The urban area and the relevant towns of Pudong New Area can pass through. In the central urban areas such as Xuhui and Huangpu, as well as the relevant streets of Minhang, Baoshan District and Pudong New Area in the expansion area, the electronic vehicle pass is temporarily used to pass the vehicle, and the vehicle for emergency needs such as medical treatment will continue to be reserved.

Screenshot of the official account of "Shanghai Release"

  From May 22, ground bus and rail transit will resume operations gradually.

The online car-hailing refers to the social vehicle traffic management requirements.

  For external transportation, starting from May 16, the railway will gradually increase the number of arriving and departing trains at Shanghai Hongqiao Station and Shanghai Station, and gradually resume normal operation.

In the follow-up, the airline will gradually resume domestic flights to the city, and adjust the passenger load factor of domestic and foreign airlines' flights to the city in a timely manner.