Zhongxin Finance, May 16. On the 16th, the State Council Information Office held a press conference on the operation of the national economy in April. Fu Linghui, spokesperson of the National Bureau of Statistics and director of the National Economic Comprehensive Statistics Department, said that since the beginning of this year, there has been a Thanks to our efforts, the overall situation of my country's grain production has tended to improve, and there are many favorable conditions for maintaining a stable grain supply.

  First, summer grain production continued to improve.

Last year, due to the severe autumn flood in some areas, the sown area of ​​winter wheat declined, and the seedling situation was relatively complicated.

However, since the beginning of this year, thanks to the suitable climate, strong field management and technical guidance in the main winter wheat producing areas, the situation of winter wheat seedlings has been continuously transformed and upgraded, and the growth situation has been further improved.

In addition, various localities have increased their support for spring wheat, and the sown area of ​​spring wheat has increased.

  Second, the spring sowing and spring management are progressing smoothly.

The weather in most of the spring sowing areas across the country is good. All localities coordinate efforts to prevent and control the epidemic and agricultural production, take multiple measures to ensure the supply of agricultural materials, and continue to strengthen agricultural technical services. Spring sowing and spring management are progressing smoothly and orderly.

At present, the planting in Jiangxi, Hunan, Guangdong and Guangxi, the main early rice producing areas, has basically ended. Thanks to the generally high temperature and suitable moisture content, various regions rushed to plant the seeds at the right time, and the overall progress of spring planting was slightly faster than that of the previous year.

  Third, the overall impact of the epidemic is limited.

In April, the domestic epidemic spread frequently, the flow of people in some areas, the transportation and sales of agricultural materials were blocked, and the production of spring ploughing was affected to a certain extent.

The Party Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to it, and require all localities to coordinate the epidemic prevention and control and agricultural production work, take effective measures to solve the problems encountered in spring ploughing production, and actively coordinate and open up the way for farmers to return to the countryside to go to the countryside, agricultural machinery to work on the road, and agricultural materials according to the actual situation. Adjustment and transportation and other blocking points, maintain the order of agricultural production and the circulation of personnel and materials, and ensure that the spring sowing and spring management are carried out smoothly and orderly.

In Jilin and other places that have been greatly affected by the epidemic, the order of spring ploughing production has been restored at a faster pace after the unblocking.

  Fourth, there are good conditions for stable grain production throughout the year.

The CPC Central Committee and the State Council attach great importance to grain production, further increase support for grain production, raise the minimum purchase price of rice and wheat, stabilize the policy of subsidy for corn and soybean producers and rice subsidy, and realize full cost insurance and planting income for the three major grain crops. The major grain-producing counties in the major insurance producing provinces are fully covered.

The central government issued funds to issue a one-time subsidy to the actual grain farmers, which alleviated to a certain extent the adverse effects of rising prices of agricultural materials.

In addition, since 2021, grain prices have remained high as a whole, and farmers' income from growing grain has increased.

In 2021, the national average grain yield per mu will be 824 yuan, the highest level in the past five years.

The increase in the income from grain planting is conducive to improving the enthusiasm of farmers to plant grain.

Of course, we must also see that there are still uncertainties in extreme abnormal weather and agricultural pests and diseases. We must continue to work hard to ensure food production and food security.