Japan Post has announced that it will return international mail that was being transported to six countries, including Russia, to the sender because the transportation route has become unusable due to the effects of the situation in Ukraine.

It will be returned to

▽ Russia,

▽ Uzbekistan

▽ Kazakhstan

▽ Kyrgyzstan

▽ Tajikistan

, and

▽ Belarus

, international mail handled by sea mail that was undertaken in Japan from November last year to around January.

In addition to the disruption of the distribution network due to the effects of the new coronavirus, the military invasion of Ukraine by Russia made it impossible to use the expected transportation route.

Letters, postcards, and about 20,000 parcels are stored in overseas warehouses and container ships, and will be returned to the sender as soon as they arrive in Japan.

Japan Post commented, "We apologize for the inconvenience caused to our customers, but please understand."