Up to 60% includes electronics, ready-to-wear and groceries

E-commerce platforms attract customers through the expansion of "discount offers"

  • Download offers gave families more options to choose the best prices.


  • Mahmoud Akrin: "The recent period witnessed intensive offers via e-commerce platforms to stimulate demand and increase sales."


The country's markets have recently witnessed remarkable competitive manifestations among e-commerce platforms in offering expanded discount offers to attract consumers in line with the download campaigns in traditional retail outlets.

Consumers said that the discount offers offered through e-commerce platforms recently ranged between about 20 and 60 percent, and included electronics products and ready-made clothes in addition to groceries, considering that the expansion of electronic platforms with offers, especially during the Eid al-Fitr season, with stores, provided more extensive alternatives and options for shopping.

In turn, specialists in retail trade reported that the current period is witnessing great competition in the sector between platforms and stores to raise sales shares, which will reflect positively on the markets.


In detail, the consumer, Ali Ibrahim, said that “the recent expansion of e-commerce platforms in offering discount offers allowed family members more expanded options to choose the best prices, whether between traditional retail outlets or even between platforms,” pointing out that “platform discounts were concentrated in products. Electronics, ready-to-wear and grocery products.

The consumer, Walid Abdel Hamid, added that "the high competitiveness between traditional stores and electronic platforms, especially during the Eid al-Fitr season, provided multiple alternatives for consumers to choose the appropriate offers for them, especially in the field of consumer products, clothing and shoes."

The consumer, Hossam Yasser, explained that he "noted that the percentage of discounts in most of the offers offered recently through e-commerce platforms ranged between 20 and 60%, while the largest percentages of discounts were on clothing and footwear products, and the lowest in groceries products of cleaning products and food commodities."

big competition

In turn, the official spokesman for the "Aswaaq" group centers of the "Government Investment Corporation of Dubai", Abdul Hamid Al Khashabi, confirmed that "the recent period has witnessed a remarkable rise in competition between e-commerce platforms and traditional stores, especially during the shopping seasons in which consumer demand increases, such as the season of Eid al-Fitr,” considering that “the high competitiveness is one of the positive aspects in the markets, which motivated many outlets to develop their electronic platforms to keep pace with competition.”

intense shows

For his part, the director and founder of the “Go Bazaar” electronic platform, Mahmoud Akreen, said that “the recent period witnessed the launch of intensive offers through e-commerce platforms to stimulate demand and increase sales,” noting that “(the platform) is currently witnessing a remarkable activity from dealers, with a trend To take advantage of the discount offers offered on the occasion of the Eid al-Fitr season, at different rates, on various commodities, most notably electronics, phones, clothes and shoes.”

Director of Corporate Communications at Lulu Group International, Nanda Kumar, said, "The recent period has already witnessed an increase in competitiveness indicators, whether among the e-commerce platforms themselves or even with traditional outlets," noting that "the group has kept pace with competitiveness variables in Markets by conducting development plans through its e-commerce platform and offering parallel offers on many goods in a way that provided consumers with opportunities to shop through the platform and the smart application or go to outlets in malls.”

e-commerce platforms

The director of “Al Bahar Consulting Company” and an expert on retail trade affairs, Ibrahim Al-Bahr, considered that “the recent rise in competition through the expansion of e-commerce platforms in offering discount offers in line with the periods of offering offers in traditional outlets, indicates the extent of the increasing role of these platforms in the trade markets. Retail, which gained additional shares during the pandemic period, with the high awareness of many consumers of e-commerce concepts.

He added that "the high competitiveness between both sides, in attracting consumers and increasing sales shares through the expansion of offers, is positively reflected on the sector by raising competitiveness and providing greater alternatives to consumers in choosing the best offers and prices."

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