Zhongxin Finance, May 17 (Reporter Zhang Ni) Recently, the topic of #balenciaga tattered shoes sold for 12,000 yuan# rushed to the hot search. The French luxury brand launched a model that was ridiculed by some consumers as "full of flaws". and dirty espadrilles" are not only available in limited quantities, they are also surprisingly expensive.

  What are these shoes like?

A few pictures first:

Image source: Screenshot of Balenciaga's official website

Image source: Screenshot of Balenciaga's official website

Image source: Screenshot of Balenciaga's official website

  According to media reports, the sneaker was launched to promote an environmental campaign.

  However, netizens who saw the picture of this pair of "beggar shoes" couldn't sit still, and some people couldn't help but comment: "I can find this pair of shoes in the rubbish heap, and it's still free."

Screenshot from Weibo netizen comments

  Of course, some netizens said: You don't understand the world of rich people, luxury is to prove that you can afford things that others can't.

Screenshot from Weibo netizen comments

  Although the major brands have different cultures and design concepts, it has to be said that the product designs launched by some luxury brands in recent years are really surprising to consumers.

  "Plastic suits, floor-leather trousers, kraft paper hats", the jokes in the comic dialogue now seem to have been used by big-name designers for creative inspiration.

  From inflatable vests to steel ball bracelets, a series of "magic works" have come out one after another, making many consumers ask "Are you serious?" "A proper IQ tax".

  Of course, even so, it has not affected the "price increase" of major luxury brands in recent years. Earlier, there was a "queue tide" outside some domestic luxury stores, and some people even ridiculed "buying funds is worse than buying bags".

  What is luxury?

Is it worth buying it?

  Luxury goods, the international definition is "a kind of consumer goods with unique, scarce, rare and other characteristics beyond the scope of people's survival and development needs."

From an economic point of view, luxury goods are products with the highest intangible value/tangible value relationship ratio.

  To sum it up in one word, it is expensive!

  It is true that even if a pair of "beggar's shoes" sells for tens of thousands of yuan, its audience will still recognize the value and design concept of the product, and have such spending power. The definition of "value or not" of a product is different in each person's mind.

  However, going back to the product itself, consumers should have their own answers in the minds of whether the launch of "magical works" in recent years is to design with heart and inherit the brand value, or simply to "gather eyeballs" and "harvest IQ tax".