Young people in the new consumer circle

  Just past the "May 1st" holiday, the consumption enthusiasm brought by the short holiday has heated up in Changsha, Hunan.

On April 29, Tianxin District, Changsha City launched the "May 1st Consumption Festival". Driven by a consumption subsidy of 100 million yuan, the core business district of Changsha was crowded with people. Major shopping malls and catering businesses promoted consumption in a fancy way, and the passenger flow in the business district increased steadily. .

  Tianxin District is the most popular commercial center in Changsha.

In recent years, Tianxin District has built an industrial layout of "two business districts and one center". Various commercial outlets have exceeded 20,000, and the average daily passenger flow of the May 1 business district has reached 500,000. A batch of new consumer brands was awarded the first batch of "National Nighttime Culture and Tourism Consumption Agglomeration Areas", and its Taiping Historical and Cultural Street was selected as the "First Batch of National Tourism and Leisure Districts".

  The new consumption in Tianxin District benefits from the help of young people.

Among the 10 key cities studied by Meituan's "China Catering Big Data 2021", Changsha's online catering consumer groups under the age of 25 accounted for 32.9%, ranking first among the 10 cities.

At present, Tianxin District is striving to build the Wuyi business district into the first international business district of 100 billion yuan in Hunan, and build a new consumer industry system with high-quality development through building ecology, creating scenarios, reducing costs, optimizing services, and building platforms. , using young, energetic and creative new consumer brand strength to circle the "Z generation" and lead the new consumption trend.

  "Scene Force" Activation Potential

  In recent years, short trips, slow leisure, and high-quality "micro vacations" have gradually become popular travel choices.

"I didn't want to go out for a long holiday. With the idea of ​​giving it a try, I took my 'Golden Beast' to check in the Internet celebrity indoor zoo, which has been in Amway for a long time. The high-quality experience made me relax for a day." Speaking of being located in Tianxin District 5 The Zoolung Zoolung theme zoo covers an area of ​​4,000 square meters in a business district. Wang Lei, a resident of Changsha, is still not satisfied. "Besides the children, my wife and I also find it very novel. We didn't expect such a big zoo to be built in a commercial building in the city center. Go to the outdoor zoo. There have been many, but this is the first time I have seen such a scene-style zoo."

  On May 9, the reporter came to Zoolung Zoolung theme zoo.

Here, more than 20 venues with different themes are built according to the living habits and living environments of different animals. Hundreds of cute animals from all over the world are accommodated, attracting many tourists to watch and punch cards.

Walking to the animal interactive experience area, tourists can also receive food and have close contact with small animals.

"Zoolung Zoolung is the first indoor animal theme park in Changsha. In the park, tourists can not only see and touch these animals, but also have a deeper understanding of these animals through our popular science classes. Our consumer groups not only have Children, there are many young people." Liu Jiaojing, the head of the zoo, told reporters that the theme zoo and commercial complex are integrated, forming a new consumption scene that allows consumers to check in and enjoy the scenery while shopping, which is very popular among young consumers. .

  "In the new consumption era, scenarios are consumption, channels are products, and what is needed is popular IP drainage. In order to stimulate consumption potential and help consumption upgrade, we actively support and guide merchants to develop diversified and integrated business formats and create new consumption scenarios for diversified integration." Peng Mingxia, Secretary of the Party Group and Director of Tianxin District Commerce Bureau, said that with the vigorous development of new consumption, a wave of new consumption scenarios centered on young consumers and spreading their own topics is emerging in Tianxin District.

On April 29, the district announced to the public that it will create the "Forward Travel · Taiping Granary", which will be the living room for the integrated development of Huxiang culture and Huxiang commerce and trade. The "Pangu Trendy Live Broadcasting City", which integrates production, research, product, innovation, promotion, sales and investment, has three new consumption scenarios with its own traffic, enabling the vigorous development of new consumption industries with "scenario power".

  Digitalisation enhances the experience

  As night fell, long queues formed in front of the casual dining brands of tea and yellow beef on the streets of Huangxing South Road Pedestrian Street.

Among the crowd, many are young tourists who come here admiringly.

As one of the must-see places to visit in Changsha, Huangxing South Road Pedestrian Street is full of traffic every day, and people are like weaving.

  While the huge passenger flow brings huge economic benefits here, it also faces new challenges and changes.

In July 2020, Huangxing South Road Pedestrian Street was selected as the second batch of national-level renovation and upgrading pilot pedestrian streets.

In order to speed up the upgrading of business formats, Tianxin District uses a new generation of information technology and advanced equipment to build a digital block and build a new smart business district with wisdom and experience.

  What does a "wisdom" business district look like?

Walking on Huangxing South Road Commercial Pedestrian Street, the street light poles that can be seen everywhere may seem inconspicuous, but they are very useful: it is based on smart IoT devices, and can check whether the device is online, the average brightness of street lights, power supply temperature, whether it is faulty, etc. , and monitor the safety status, traffic status, etc.; at the same time, each smart light pole also has a USB interface to provide power for mobile devices for tourists to ensure their travel experience.

In the Pedestrian Street Management Committee, on the big screen of the service management platform of Huangxing South Road Cultural Tourism Business District, the real-time passenger flow number and passenger flow heat distribution dynamic map in the pedestrian street can be formed by locating the time and locking the location of tourists, and related mobile big data to obtain The source of passenger flow, the length of stay, etc., can intuitively and quantitatively display the visitor data within the pedestrian street, and assist the management unit to complete the analysis of the passenger flow in the block and the drainage of tourists.

In addition, Huangxing South Road Pedestrian Street is the first to achieve full coverage of 5G networks in commercial districts in the province, and has discussed cooperation with Internet and big data companies such as Baidu, Himalaya, and Jiuquan to create the country's first sound pedestrian street. No matter where you go, as long as Scan the QR code to listen to the introduction of Changsha's human history and natural landscape, allowing tourists to enjoy the experience of "walking through a street and learning about a city".

  "Younger, creative, innovative, and hard power can keep the pedestrian street popular." Xie Qizhi, deputy general manager of Changsha Huangxing South Road Pedestrian Street Commercial Management Co., Ltd., said that in order to better upgrade the consumer experience, the pedestrian street format is also seeking Variety.

Experiential entertainment such as escape room and script killing has gradually become a trend, and projects such as private theaters have also been introduced.

At the same time, the block is also constantly digging into the city's cultural heritage and unique customs, exploring the creative elements in the new consumption field, and leading the consumption concept and aesthetics of contemporary young people.

  'New environment' boosts confidence

  The Wuyi business district, as the traffic highland of the Internet celebrity Changsha and the main battlefield for new consumption, has spawned batches of new consumption forces in recent years.

"Changsha's new consumer brands have a phenomenon: group development. The founders of the brand are familiar with each other, and there are often brand linkages. This is a good atmosphere. It is different from first-tier cities and has more possibilities. ." Li Yang, vice president of Momo Dim Sum Bureau, a new consumer brand, said that new consumer enterprises from different industries and different tracks coexisted in the Wuyi business district, forming a unique industrial ecosystem.

  On April 29, the "Changzhutan New Consumption Alliance" jointly established by more than 100 new consumption model enterprises such as Wenheyou, Tea Yanyuese, and Black Classic was established in Tianxin District.

"'Changzhutan New Consumer Alliance' will cultivate and drive a number of new consumer enterprises through resource integration, activate a number of new formats, and accelerate the growth of enterprises. As a new consumer enterprise growing up in Tianxin District, we are very fortunate to More confidence in development.” Lu Lucheng, CEO of “Black Classic”, the first leader of the “Changzhutan New Consumer Alliance”, said that the confidence and confidence come from the new environment created by the Tianxin District government and the new policies introduced.

  The "Ten Measures for Promoting the Development of New Consumer Industries in Tianxin District" was officially released, and launched "real money and silver" measures to help enterprises in 10 aspects, including supporting the agglomeration and development of new consumer enterprises, innovative development, demonstration and leadership, and encouraging the transformation and development of traditional enterprises.

Among them, "encourage influential new consumer brands to open their first stores in Tianxin District, and give a one-time reward of 10,000 to 2 million yuan", "regularly select new consumption economic talents with outstanding contributions or important innovations every year, and can enjoy rental, Measures such as comprehensive services such as housing subsidy and children's schooling, "encouraging traditional brands to combine with regional culture to develop products and innovative brands, and giving incentives of up to 300,000 yuan" have provided strong support for enterprises to relieve difficulties and achieve sustainable and healthy development.

  At the same time, Tianxin District also established Hunan Tianxin Youfu Enterprise Service Co., Ltd., and launched the "Changzhutan New Consumer Enterprise Service Platform" to provide precise services for new consumer enterprises in terms of cost reduction and efficiency improvement, credit financing, and human resources.

Liu Lin Xie Yao