[Explanation] The 32nd "National Day of Helping the Disabled" in Hubei Province and the "Care Action for Employment and Entrepreneurship for Disabled Persons" were launched in Wuhan on May 13, and a special job fair for the disabled was held simultaneously on site.

  [Explanation] At the job fair, 28 employers provided nearly 700 jobs, involving software engineering, mechanical design, marketing, clerk, accounting, customer service, barista, massage technician, operator and other occupations.

  [Commentary] Cao Jin, 37 years old this year, is a visually impaired person. He has been engaged in massage for 15 years and now wants to change to a more relaxed job.

Accompanied by his family that day, he came to the job fair site, looking for a job in telephone customer service.

  [Concurrent] job seeker Cao Jin

  It's really good. This shows that the government and social enterprises are more concerned about us with disabilities. In the past, friends were introduced to each other at work, and that's it.

  [Explanation] Cai Wenbo is a fresh graduate of Central China Normal University majoring in social work. With a lower limb disability, he came to the job fair very early that day.

He told reporters that the job fair has set up a face-to-face communication platform, hoping to find a job as an office clerk here.

  [Concurrent] job seeker Cai Wenbo

  Because for the disabled group, they may face many obstacles in participating in other job fairs and interviewing in the company, but if they are concentrated like this, so many excellent companies that are willing to accept the disabled group will be concentrated in this place. , to provide them with an opportunity to get in touch with these positions. At the same time, they pass through these disabled groups and communicate with these companies, which can promote their employment and realize their own value.

  [Explanation] Xia Yaling, deputy director of the Disabled Workers Committee of the Hubei Provincial Government and chairman of the Hubei Disabled Persons' Federation, introduced that at present, there are 800,000 disabled persons with certificates of employment age in Hubei, and about 400,000 people have been employed. By 2025, 5 new jobs will be created. There are thousands of people with disabilities, and the overall employment demand for the disabled is huge.

This activity is of great significance to safeguarding and improving the livelihood of the disabled, better safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the disabled, and creating a strong social atmosphere of caring and caring for the disabled.

  【Concurrent】Enterprise recruitment person in charge

  For example, we have a disabled workshop in the factory. Our disabled workshop can do some rough processing work in our disabled workshop, and then we have some anchors in the sales link to carry out live broadcast sales of some products.


  In fact, disabled people have trained them well, which is also a very effective social resource. Moreover, in some of our positions, we feel that some positions can be used by disabled people, and we also try our best to make disabled people (employment).

  [Explanation] According to reports, after this on-site job fair, the organizer will continue to organize about 100 companies and nearly 3,000 positions for a month-long online job fair.

Job seekers with disabilities can apply for jobs through APPs, WeChat mini-programs, etc.

  Reporter Zou Hao reports from Wuhan, Hubei

Responsible editor: [Luo Pan]