“When the “law of the jungle” is applied to Gazprom and the Russian Federation, our partners must understand that we, too, may have questions about whether it is worth continuing to act as if nothing had happened in this situation, ”quotes his Interfax.

The diplomat recalled the actual theft of Russia's gold and foreign exchange reserves, but as soon as Gazprom announced the need for payments in rubles, "the entire West turned into lawyers and ran to read contracts."

“Unfortunately, we see today that the West is politicizing the topic of energy cooperation to the maximum, Russia is absolutely groundlessly accused of politicizing energy cooperation, although it is they who are doing this,” Grushko added.

Earlier it became known that the German gas company VNG intends to transfer euros to Gazprombank for further conversion into rubles and payment for gas.

The European Commission said that they consider Russia's demand to pay for gas in rubles "an attempt to divide the European Union."

They also noted that they do not have information about how many European companies are willing to pay for Russian gas in rubles.