"The flowers are blooming, and the bees are going to collect honey. It seems that the flowers are very fragrant.

  The grass emerged from the earth and saw the new world.

  Birds fly past in the air to their new home.

  The tree is tall and straight.

  The spring grass is like eyebrows.

  The big trees in spring are like little hands.

  Spring flowers are like eyes.


  On May 7th, in the reading class of Pinduoduo's "Reading for You" charity donation action, Zidian, a third-grade primary school student at Shangrong Central School, Wenci Town, Chao'an District, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province, recited a book he had written in a few minutes. A poem about spring, the young poet Du Lulu, who was invited to give reading lessons for the children, was very pleasantly surprised. The children's poems are sincere and aura.

  She believes that in daily life, if you have access to a large number of interesting and meaningful books, feel the freedom and fun of reading, plus the guidance of teachers, children will be more likely to develop reading habits.

  Along with the reading class that day, there is also the new reading room of Shangrong Central School, where thousands of new books and learning journals donated by Pinduoduo and Southern Metropolis Daily's "Reading for You" charity donation campaign are neatly arranged.

Among them, there are the four famous novels, "Harry Potter" and "The Adventures of Tintin" that children have been thinking about for a long time, as well as "Camel Xiangzi" and "The Legend of Hulan River" which are extended reading outside the classroom. The children's world follows the reading list. updated and expanded again.

"Reading for You" Charity Donation Action Enters Chaozhou Rural Primary School

The desire to open the reading window

  The world outside Phoenix Mountain, 13-year-old Yuehan can only piece together from books.

She will silently memorize the author's sentences describing a place's scenery, climate, architecture, etc., pay attention to the verbs and adjectives used, and imagine specific pictures in her mind.

  Through the book, she, who had never seen snow, knew that after a heavy snowfall, the northern land put on a large snow-white cotton-padded jacket.

In the composition book, when it snows in winter, the Forbidden City changes its appearance, with red walls and white tiles, and every corner is a painting.

After reading Lao She's prose, she realized that Beijing's winter is often windy, and Jinan's winter is quiet and clear, and the best when it snows.

  Reading is Yuehan's window to the outside world.

She wants to read a lot of books, get to know different places and worlds, and tell her mother that she will take her to read and explore when she grows up.

  But the library of Shangrong Central School where she attended has rarely been updated since 2013.

Teacher Jiang of the school's language group has always had a difficult conclusion in his heart. Students do not read enough outside of class, so they have difficulty writing essays. They lack language and cannot accurately describe a specific thing.

She had finished elementary school here and returned to teach in her hometown after graduating from normal school in 1999. She brought a large stack of her daughter's extracurricular books directly from home, and purchased composition books at her own expense and placed them in the book corner of the classroom.

Now, in the past ten years, there are still several books with the daughter's name in the class.

  The school also hopes to provide children with a good reading environment as much as possible.

Zhang Wenjun, who became the principal in January 2020, has a long to-do list, "From the classroom door to the lighting equipment, I have been tinkering for the past two years. There are too many places to spend money, and the money for new books has never been found. .

  "I just thought of a way to help the middle school in Wenci Town to solve the physical and chemical supplies of more than 20,000 yuan." Su Zefeng, a member of the Wenci Town Committee, said in an interview with a Nandu reporter that Wenci Town is located at the southern end of Phoenix Mountain and is a traditional Chaoshan town. Hometown of fruits, schools in Wenci Town are in urgent need of social support to help schools improve their teaching environment.

New library helps children expand their reading space

  Teachers and children echoed the obsession with reading.

On May 7th, Pinduoduo and Southern Metropolis Daily organized the "Reading for You" charity donation campaign into Shangrong Central School, donating more than 2,000 new books, purchasing bookshelves, and rebuilding the library.

  Principal Zhang Wenjun said that the bibliography is drawn up by the teachers of the language group according to the needs of teaching and students. There are not only four famous novels, but also Chinese books such as "The Legend of Hulan River", "Camel Xiangzi", "Little Doudou by the Window" and "The Wizard of Oz", as well as "The Adventures of Tintin". Books, "Harry Potter", "Fairy Tales of Mountains and Seas", "The Secret Corner of the Forbidden City" and other popular books that children like.

  On the same day, young poet Du Lulu and Chaozhou literature and history scholar Chen Xianwu also came to the school to teach children to write poems and explain the history of Chaozhou Paifang Street.

  This is also the first time for Du Lulu to give a lecture to elementary school students.

In the class, she took the children to learn modern poetry and read the "Song of the Daisy" by the British poet Keats together, hoping that they would be as happy as a daisy and be a king.

After getting to know the new poems, the children wrote down the spring in their own eyes with the theme of spring.

  She was amazed by the aura of the children, and she felt that everyone should read for life.

But the most important thing about reading is to satisfy your curiosity and make yourself happy.

"Everyone needs to read. The 'Read for You' charity donation action, screening meaningful books for children, is very beneficial to children's hearts and growth."

Young poet Du Lulu teaches reading lessons for children

  Chen Xianwu, a guest who is familiar with the history of Chaozhou, gave a history class to the children, explaining the Paifang Street, which is quite familiar to the locals.

"The old generation of Chaozhou scholars will go to hold the two pillars of Zhuangyuan Square. The elders take their children to Paifang Street and tell them to study hard. This is the reason why I talk about Paifang Street. I hope that children can continue the urban culture and study hard. ."

"Reading for You" Helps "Inclusive Knowledge"

  "The school has been short of books, and due to funding problems, it has been delayed in purchasing new books. Pinduoduo's "Reading for You" charity donation action has brought a batch of new books to children, giving them more choices and greatly satisfying children's desire to read ." Zhang Wenjun is delighted with the arrival of this new book.

  After the new book arrived at the school, Yuehan, who was in charge of sorting out the books, listed her borrowing list as soon as possible.

"The Boy Who Chased the Sunrise", "Harry Potter", the four famous books, etc., these books that she usually wants to read but do not want her mother to spend money on, she intends to "eat" them as soon as possible.

  Teacher Jiang was also very excited.

"I'm about to retire, and I finally saw the library update." She told the Southern Metropolis reporter that she changed her destiny by reading and walked out of this mountain. She hopes to see more and more children grow up and go further in the future. .

  After the book arrived, Zhang Wenjun planned to do a "rural reading experiment". Next, extracurricular services will increase the proportion of reading classes and hold various reading activities.

She who has taught Chinese knows very well that in order to broaden children's horizons and improve their writing skills, they must increase the amount of extra-curricular reading.

However, most of the students in the school are left-behind children, and parents shuttle between the town and the urban area during the day, and there is a serious lack of family education.

"Schools should try their best to create reading conditions, so that students can read extracurricular books and have a choice."

  Starting from the "Duoduo Reading Month" in the first quarter of April 2021, Pinduoduo opened the prelude to the "Reading for You" charity donation action. Together with local governments, mainstream media, and well-known writers, Pinduoduo has successively visited Sichuan, Hubei, and Xinjiang. , Qinghai, Guizhou, Shaanxi, Anhui, Yunnan, Gansu, Jiangxi and other mountainous primary and secondary schools, special schools, donated books for children, read with them, and donated nearly 200,000 books.

  The person in charge of the "Duoduo Reading Month" said that the "Reading for You" charity donation action will continue. During the third season of the "Duoduo Reading Month", "Reading for You" will continue to join hands with well-known writers to enter Shaanxi, Guizhou and Sichuan. In remote mountainous areas such as these, we are striving to advance on the road of promoting "inclusive knowledge" in urban and rural areas.