According to Toyota Motor Corporation's financial results for the entire group over the last year, operating revenue, which is equivalent to sales, increased by more than 15% to 31,379.5 billion yen, and final profit increased by more than 26% to 2,850.1 billion yen. Was also the highest ever.

Due to a shortage of semiconductors, the operation of factories in Japan was suspended one after another, but sales increased in North America and Asia, and profits were boosted by the depreciation of the yen.

On the other hand, in this fiscal year and 2022, we plan to sell 9.9 million units, which is higher than last year, but the future of the world economy is uncertain due to the continuing soaring prices of raw materials such as iron and precious metals and the situation in Ukraine. For some reason, the final profit outlook is expected to decline to 2.26 trillion yen.