Stock prices have moved slightly as investors refrained from aggressive trading ahead of the announcement of the US consumer price index on the Tokyo stock market on the 11th and the night of the 11th of Japan time.

▽ The Nikkei Stock Average, the closing price on the 11th was 26.123.64 yen, which is 46.54 yen higher than the 10th.

On the other hand,

▽ Tokyo Stock Price Index = Topics fell 11.23 to 1851.15.

▽ The daily trading volume was 1,368,540,000 shares.

Market officials said, "In addition to brands such as semiconductors and electronic components that have been declining recently, buy orders have been placed for companies with good financial results. Meanwhile, US consumer prices announced tonight in Japan time. Investors have refrained from aggressive trading in an attempt to determine the current state of inflation from the index results, so price movements have been modest. "