China Unicom, May 11. In response to issues related to the abnormal deduction of some Unicom users due to system upgrades on the 6th, China Unicom's official Weibo recently issued a statement saying that China Unicom has immediately launched an emergency response mechanism on May 6 to deepen the A careful investigation was carried out and a comprehensive rectification was carried out promptly.

  Unicom said that after the incident, the company carried out a rollback process, and conducted a comprehensive review and rollback process for abnormal deductions.

In addition, we conducted a system security risk investigation, comprehensively repaired the vulnerabilities caused by the system upgrade, conducted a comprehensive health and safety inspection of the relevant systems, and reinforced the system operation changes and authority management as a whole.

Source: China Unicom Weibo

  Unicom said that the emergence of this problem reflects the inadequacy of the company's internal processes and management, and the protection of consumers' legitimate rights and interests needs to be continuously strengthened.

We apologize once again for this problem and the resulting adverse effects, and will make deep reflections, learn lessons, and make serious rectifications to fully safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of users.