Zhongxin Finance, May 10 (Zhu Yan) Today, piracy and imitation products still appear frequently in the commodity market. However, such blatant plagiarism has greatly harmed the interests of product developers and led to the same The serious phenomenon of qualitative change has hit the enthusiasm of innovative enterprises.

It can be seen that the protection of intellectual property rights is imperative.

  The reason why the phenomenon of piracy and plagiarism has become more and more serious is that "interests" are at work.

As we all know, product research and development requires a lot of capital and labor, and research and development is usually accompanied by great uncertainty.

At the beginning of research and development, enterprises may not be sure whether their "innovative achievements" will be favored by consumers. However, "copying" existing best-selling products has "avoided" the risk of failure for enterprises to a certain extent.

Furthermore, "weak awareness of intellectual property rights" is another reason for this phenomenon.

The low awareness of rights protection of innovative enterprises and the low cost of plagiarists make their "piracy enthusiasm" more and more high.

Compared with the high profits they harvest, the lower infringement fines are "irrelevant" to the infringers, and their infringements naturally intensify.

  However, if we allow the phenomenon of plagiarism to develop, it is bound to bring about worse effects.

Because only relying on "imitation" can reap high profits without taking R&D risks for this, it will seriously damage the interests of innovative enterprises and greatly weaken their innovation motivation.

Over time, plagiarism in the market will lead to the problem of "bad money drives out good money".

  Therefore, "to protect intellectual property rights is to protect innovation", we need to further strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, so that the fundamental interests of innovative enterprises can be guaranteed.

Enterprises must continuously improve production processes, improve production efficiency, and actively promote product updates and iterations.

Consumers should establish awareness of property rights, consciously resist pirated products, and take the initiative to report pirated products.

As a result, multiple parties work together to crack down on infringements, protect intellectual property rights, and promote innovation.