What does it mean when A shares hit a land mass?

  Yesterday, the market opened low and then rebounded. The Shanghai Composite dropped to 2983 and quickly rose to red. It fluctuated in a narrow range around 3000 throughout the day. The highest 3015 met resistance and 5 antennas, and closed at 3004, a slight increase of 0.09%.

The ChiNext Small Green fell 0.75%, closing with a small Yin Xing, and the Shenzhen Component Index closed with a small Red Star. The three major indexes did not fluctuate little throughout the day. The two markets traded at 671.4 billion, down 11.6% from last Friday, showing a pattern of shrinking volume and building a bottom. Since the selling pressure is significantly reduced below 3000, and the downward space is limited, it is expected to build a small double bottom at any time and then stabilize and rebound, continuing the daily rebound. Below 3000, it will continue to focus on bargain hunting. Rotational rhythm.

  Yesterday, the Shanghai Stock Exchange only fell to 2983 at the lowest level, and the two cities hit a recent land volume, which means that the stability of the bottom chips has increased significantly, and the ones that should be sold here are basically sold.

The next step is to see when to end this short-term adjustment and then rush up again.

Although the market index has been adjusted in the past two days, the activity of individual stocks in the sector has increased significantly. Yesterday, 3,646 stocks in the two markets rose, 928 stocks fell, and more than 150 stocks had a daily limit or a rise of more than 10%. Due to the stimulation of the news, Douyin concept stocks , and the large infrastructure sector has been strong throughout the day. The increase in sector activity means that market opportunities have begun to increase. This is a good thing. At least in the bottom-grinding stage, it has brought many opportunities for investors to rotate operations, but be careful not to chase the rise. Looking at the continuous hot spots in the market, it is still mainly concentrated in the large infrastructure sector, and individual stocks in the sector that rely on news and themes in the short-term should be particularly cautious, because the persistence is not strong, and it is easy to fall back quickly after the pulse-type sharp pull, and the sharp rise is short-term high selling Opportunity, this kind of short-fried varieties is easy to catch up with.

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