Shimamura Co., Ltd., a major clothing chain, revealed that a part of its internal system failed during the Golden Week holidays, and as a result, cashless payments at stores became impossible.

It is believed that the ransomware was attacked by a ransom-based computer virus.

According to Shimamura, a major clothing chain headquartered in Saitama City, a cyber attack hit a part of the company's system on the night of the 4th of this month during the Golden Week holidays.

Since all systems were shut down to check the damage situation, cashless payments and product ordering procedures could not be performed at all 2200 stores nationwide on the 5th.

There was no problem with the payment system itself, and cashless payments resumed on the 6th, but the impact of not being able to order products at stores continues.

According to an information security company, a group of hackers calling themselves "LockBit 2.0" claimed to have stolen the data of "Shimamura" on a dark site on the Internet, and "Shimamura" also grasped this and ransomware It is said that it may have been hit by a cyber attack.

At present, no leakage of personal information has been confirmed.

"Shimamura" says, "We apologize for the inconvenience caused to our customers. We will continue to strengthen security in the future."