Zhongxin Finance, May 9th. A few days ago, according to the official website of the Shanghai Municipal Government, Shanghai released the first batch of "whitelist" companies for resumption of work and production in the postal express industry.

  According to reports, the sorting centers of major brand enterprises in Shanghai have been put into operation one after another. It is hoped that under the premise of meeting the requirements of epidemic prevention, relevant departments, subordinate towns and parks will resume work on "whitelist" enterprises and their subordinate branches and outlets. During the resumption of production, various demands such as applications for resumption of work, employees returning to work, transportation, nucleic acid testing, centralized accommodation, etc., will be coordinated and resolved to help enterprises resume work and production as soon as possible, operate in an orderly manner, and contribute to the guarantee of urban operation.

The branches and outlets of each brand must obtain the approval of the relevant local departments before they can go to the postal administration department for the record of resumption of work and production.

  The first batch of "white list" companies in Shanghai postal express industry to resume work and production are as follows:

  1. China Post Group Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch (Post);

  2. China Post Express and Logistics Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch (EMS);

  3. SF Express Group (Shanghai) Express Co., Ltd. (SF);

  4. Yuantong Express Co., Ltd. (Yuantong);

  5. ZTO Express Co., Ltd. (ZTO);

  6. STO Express Co., Ltd. (STO);

  7. Shanghai Yunda Freight Co., Ltd. (Yunda);

  8. Extreme Rabbit Express Co., Ltd. (Ji Rabbit);

  9. Usu Logistics Co., Ltd. (Usu);

  10. Shanghai Suning Logistics Co., Ltd. (Suning);

  11. Shanghai Yipu Network Technology Co., Ltd. (Rookie);

  12. Shanghai Vientiane Culture Distribution Co., Ltd. (Vientiane);

  13. Diyi (Shanghai) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. (Diyi);

  14. DHL Air Freight Services (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (DHL);

  15. Sinotrans-DHL International Air Express Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch (DHL);

  16. United Parcel Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (UPS);

  17. Ubispeed Parcel Delivery (Guangdong) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch (UPS);

  18. FedEx (China) Co., Ltd. Shanghai Branch (FedEx);

  19. Occidental Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (OCS);

  20. Shanghai Branch of Oxiaisi Logistics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (OCS);

  21. Shanghai Xunzan Supply Chain Technology Co., Ltd. (JD).