China News Service, Beijing, May 8 (Reporter Du Yan) In order to deepen the reform of the commercial system and further create a more convenient, standardized and intelligent access environment, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Market Supervision said today that in accordance with the innovative pilot reform tasks and optimization According to the requirements of the Business Environment 5.0 policy, the bureau has successively launched a series of red envelopes to help enterprises and people, and promote the vitality of market players with a package of practical measures to benefit enterprises.

  Beijing's registration facilitation service made another breakthrough.

Continue to enrich the integrated service functions of "One-stop Service", realize the combined processing of employee employment filing and insurance registration on the "e-window" platform; open up a batch registration service channel, enterprise branches can use the online "e-window" platform or offline The green channel centralizes and uniformly handles the change registration business, realizes one-time authorization, and obtains electronic business licenses in batches, which greatly reduces the running frequency and handling procedures of market entities.

Further simplify the notarization documents for the qualifications of non-natural person investors from Hong Kong and Macao, and continue to improve the convenience for Hong Kong and Macao investors to invest and start businesses in Beijing.

  Beijing's access and quasi-camp linkage has been upgraded again.

Continue to expand the application areas of "joint application of licenses and licenses", focusing on providing "joint office of licenses and licenses" services in medical device sales, pharmacies, restaurants, beverage stores, supermarkets (convenience stores) and other formats, and realize the "one-time application, integration of business licenses and administrative licenses". The integrated innovative service model of approval, one-window issuance, simultaneous establishment, one-to-one change, and simultaneous cancellation”; explores and promotes the superimposed linkage of “one business, one certificate” and “license joint office” in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, that is, in the business license On the basis of the integrated examination and approval of administrative licenses, it integrates multiple licensing items involved in this format, and implements a comprehensive industry licensing system of "one license to allow business" to create an efficient business environment where "access is allowed to operate".

  In addition, the level of informatization and intelligence in the commercial field has been further improved.

Beijing is actively carrying out the pilot reform of the standardized registration of corporate domiciles (business premises) in Haidian District. The system automatically matches and generates standardized domicile (business premises) addresses. The applicant can apply for a business license by voluntarily promising the authenticity and legality of the domicile (business premises). And change registration, do not need to submit domicile property certification materials, further reduce the institutional transaction costs of enterprises.

Implementing "checking on multiple addresses with one photo", integrating multiple residence information on the business license into one "QR code", you can query the information of "multiple addresses with one photo" by simply "scanning". Using information technology to solve the problem that business licenses are difficult to list all business sites also provides a powerful handle for supervision during and after the event.