People's Daily Online, Beijing, May 8 (Reporter Li Dong) According to the latest agricultural situation dispatch of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, 492 million mu of grain has been sown in the country in spring, more than half of the intended area has been completed, and the progress is faster than the same period last year.

  "This year, 300 hectares of land has been transferred, and the planting has been staggered since April 22, and the planting is expected to end on June 30." Xia Mingliang, head of a professional corn cooperative in Gongzhuling City, Jilin Province, said that it is now beneficial to seize the rise in temperature and fine weather. At the right time, the spring sowing work of the production base has been fully launched.

  Data show that as of May 5, the planting of grain crops in Jilin Province has been completed by 61.45%, 3.83 percentage points faster than the same period last year.

Among them, 79.65% of corn has been sown, 5.11 percentage points faster than the same period last year.

  At the press conference on the operation of the agricultural and rural economy in the first quarter of 2022 held by the State Council Information Office, Zeng Yande, chief agronomist and director of the Development Planning Department of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, introduced that this year's spring management and spring sowing have generally progressed well, and the intended planting area of ​​grain for this year's spring sowing is 9.4%. 100 million mu, an increase over the previous year.

  Do a good job in spring ploughing to ensure the quality of agricultural products.

"Today, a total of 6 batches of compound fertilizer and chemical fertilizer products will be sampled, and 1,000 grams of experimental samples will be taken from each batch." Luo Ziqi, a law enforcement officer in the Product Quality and Safety Supervision and Management Section of Beijing Shunyi District Market Supervision Bureau, said, "10 tasks The test results will be released around the sun. If the random inspection fails, the merchants will face high fines, and the purpose is to ensure the quality of agricultural products in the market.”

  "Chemical fertilizer is the 'grain' of grain, and ensuring the quality of agricultural products such as chemical fertilizer is to ensure that farmers increase production and income." The relevant person in charge of the Beijing Shunyi District Market Supervision Bureau introduced that during the spring ploughing period every year, the market supervision department must strictly investigate and deal with expired and deteriorated sales. , failure, unqualified quality and the state banned agricultural products.

In addition to sampling samples of agricultural materials, the market supervision department also inspected key links such as laboratories, workshops, raw materials, and finished product warehouses of compound fertilizer and mixed fertilizer production enterprises through on-site inspections. It is strictly forbidden for agricultural products with quality problems to enter the market. .

  "Generally speaking, the agricultural and rural economy maintained a steady momentum of development in the first quarter, providing strong support for economic development and social stability." Zeng Yande said that in the next step, we will coordinate epidemic prevention and control and agricultural production, and continue to ensure supply and connection. , fishing bans, construction, key tasks, and key reforms, firmly adhere to the bottom line of ensuring national food security and preventing large-scale return to poverty, and strive to ensure stable and increased agricultural production, farmers’ incomes, and rural stability and tranquility.