The US stock market, which had risen on the day the US central bank raised the key interest rate by 0.5 percentage point at a time, plunged overnight.

This unpredictable roller coaster market is expected to continue in the future, which will make it even more difficult for ant investors.

Reporter Jeon Yeon-nam reported.

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New York Stock Exchange went cold and hot in two days.

Yesterday (the 5th), the Nasdaq, which includes major technology companies such as Amazon and Tesla, fell 5%.

The U.S. central bank raised interest rates by 0.5 percentage points yesterday, up more than 3%, and then dropping the next day.

Domestic investors, who had a restful holiday, were a bit bewildered.

[Lee Min-jae / Investor: It seems that there is only one thought right now about when this recovery will happen again.

My money disappears like a piece of paper in an instant...


Investor sentiment fluctuates with different interpretations whenever important remarks and statistics are released.

When Fed Chairman Jerome Powell said yesterday that interest rates would not be raised by 0.75 percentage points all at once, investors were relieved and bought a bunch of stocks.

But today, I reminded myself that I had to raise it by 0.5 percentage points a couple of times in the future, and I sold it as it is.

After several years of low interest rates, they are unable to properly cope with the high inflation investment environment.

[Kim Sang-bong/Professor of Economics, Hansung University: (When interest rates rise) a lot of people fall out of deposits, or they fall out a lot as safe assets, so the volatility

will increase considerably in the stock market.

It fell more than 1.2% while selling , and the exchange rate continued to shake as it rose to 1,272 won, the highest in two years.

(Video coverage: Hyung Yoon, Video editing: Moo-Hwan Cho, VJ: Young-Sam Jeong)