The number of unemployed registered in Reunion in the first quarter of this year decreased by 5.7% over 12 months and by 2.1% in three months.

These are figures for category A job seekers, ie people who have not carried out any partial professional activity.

On average, 124,060 Reunionese were unemployed during the first three months of 2022, indicates the


site .

New registrants at Pôle Emploi are more and more likely to have resigned or entered into a contractual termination.

On the other hand, the number of newcomers having been made redundant has not changed.

An unemployment rate exceeding 17%

The annual fall in unemployment observed in Reunion was particularly marked among 25-49 year olds, where it reached 7.3%.

Despite this fall, the unemployment rate remains high on the island.

Taking into account the criteria of the International Labor Office, it remains between 17 and 19% of the active population since the end of 2020.


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