Zhongxin Finance, May 3. According to the National SME Share Transfer System, as of April 30, 2022, 6,061 companies listed on the New Third Board have disclosed their 2021 annual reports, with a disclosure rate of 90.73%. Due to factors such as the failure to disclose the 2021 annual report as scheduled.

Judging from the operating conditions disclosed in the annual report, in the face of multiple internal and external risks and challenges, the listed company actively integrated into the national development strategy, adhered to the innovation-driven high-quality development path, and achieved stable performance growth, reflecting the resilience and vitality of small and medium-sized enterprises.

  Since 2021, the major measures of deepening the reform of the New Third Board and the establishment of the Beijing Stock Exchange have further stimulated market vitality and boosted market confidence. "Newly listed" and "newly entered" companies have outstanding performance, and more high-quality companies are actively preparing for the Beijing Stock Exchange. The market structure of the listed companies is clearer, and the market foundation for serving the main positions of innovative small and medium-sized enterprises is more solid.

1. Steady growth in performance and improvement in business quality

  In 2021, the performance of listed companies will maintain stable growth, with a total operating income of 1,457.331 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 17.31%; net profit of 60.621 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 14.74%, an increase of 22.08% from 2019.

Over 70% of the companies achieved profitability, and over 50% of the companies achieved net profit growth.

The quality of operation continued to improve. The average return on equity of listed companies was 6.84%, an increase of 0.53 percentage points; the net operating cash flow was 109.855 billion yuan, and 4,040 companies had net operating cash inflows, all higher than the same period of the previous year.

Leading enterprises play the role of "leading geese", 356 companies have a net profit of over 50 million yuan, and a total net profit of 40.985 billion yuan, accounting for 45.61% of the profitable companies, the average return on equity is 13.35%, and the average net profit growth rate is 45.05%, both high at the overall market level.

  Innovation-level companies give full play to the "backbone force" of the New Third Board market.

1,197 innovation-level companies are deeply engaged in their main businesses and operate steadily. In 2021, they will achieve a total operating income of 671.810 billion yuan and a net profit of 31.673 billion yuan, accounting for 46.10% and 52.25% of the total market respectively. The profit margin exceeds 80%, and the average return on equity 9.07%, 2.23 percentage points higher than the market level.

  The performance of basic-level companies in 2021 will increase significantly, and the results of improving quality and efficiency will be prominent.

The 4,864 basic-level companies achieved a total operating income of 785.520 billion yuan and a net profit of 28.948 billion yuan, an increase of 17.40% and 33.21% year-on-year respectively. The compound growth rate of net profit in the past two years was 16.62%; the average net interest rate and return on equity were higher than The annual increase was 0.44 and 1.20 percentage points.

2. The "two new" enterprises have achieved gratifying results, and the "reserve team" of the Beijing Stock Exchange has full potential

  With the continuous advancement of deepening reform, the NEEQ market presents a benign market ecology that is more attractive to high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises and has a wider coverage. The progressive development echelon has continuously injected the source of living water into the New Third Board and the Beijing Stock Exchange.

  Among the 116 companies newly listed in the past year, 6 companies entered the innovation layer at the same time.

The newly listed companies have good performance and strong profitability, with a median net profit of 10.2677 million yuan and an average return on equity of 14.05%, which are all better than those of the existing listed companies; they have relatively distinct innovation attributes, and nearly half of them belong to advanced manufacturing industries. , focusing on new materials, key industrial parts and auto parts and other fields, 39 companies have been selected into the list of national, provincial and municipal "specialized, special and new" enterprises.

  Since the beginning of 2021, the median operating income and net profit of 305 companies that have newly entered the innovation layer are 201 million yuan and 21.1953 million yuan, which are 2.09 times and 5.39 times the median level of the entire market respectively. listed financial conditions.

In 2022, the first batch of 40 companies will apply the revised "Stratified Management Measures" to enter the innovation layer, with an average net profit of 32.3758 million yuan, an average return on equity of 15.69%, and a compound growth rate of net profit of 40.94%. Many indicators are comparable listed company level.

  Companies preparing for listing on the Beijing Stock Exchange have outstanding strength. The median operating income and net profit are 267 million yuan and 34.4163 million yuan respectively. The average compound growth rate of net profit in the past two years has reached 23.68%, which is higher than the stock listed companies on the Beijing Stock Exchange. 0.91 percentage points, the growth rate remained high.

The average R&D expenditure is 19.3244 million yuan, of which 50 companies have R&D intensity higher than 10%, mainly in pharmaceutical manufacturing, software development, integrated circuit manufacturing and other industries.

3. Policy support continues to exert force, and the development environment for small and medium-sized enterprises is optimized

  The New Third Board has played a leading role in serving innovative small and medium-sized enterprises and continued to support the financing and development of listed companies.

In 2021, the financing environment of listed companies will be further improved. The total financing cash inflow for the year is 389.230 billion yuan, an increase of 9.02% over the previous year. A total of 557 directional issuances have been completed, and the average single raised funds are 36.9446 million yuan, an increase of 7.09% over the previous year. Among them, the number of financing of small, medium and micro enterprises accounted for more than 90%.

Since the opening of the Beijing Stock Exchange, 239 companies have disclosed information on preparations for listing on the Beijing Stock Exchange, and the monthly average number of disclosures has reached 4.49 times the previous number.

In terms of gathering intellectual capital, listed companies actively use a flexible and inclusive equity incentive system to anchor and develop talents. In 2021, a total of 110 companies disclosed equity incentives and employee stock ownership plans, which is 3.14 times the previous level.

  In 2021, the national tax and fee reduction policy focuses on supporting small and medium-sized enterprises. The total annual taxes and fees of listed companies are 49.720 billion yuan, and the proportion of taxes and fees in operating income is 3.41%, a decrease of 0.26 percentage points from the previous year.

Benefiting from the impact of the deduction ratio of the additional R&D expenses of manufacturing enterprises, the listed manufacturing enterprises increased their R&D investment while reducing the tax by about 3.923 billion yuan for the whole year, driving the overall tax burden of the manufacturing industry to drop by more than 10% year-on-year.

With the support of various financial policies, the indirect financing cost of listed companies was reduced, and the interest rate of interest-bearing liabilities was 5.42%, a year-on-year decrease of 0.14 percentage points.

Fourth, the industry data is stable and progressing, and emerging industries have outstanding highlights

  In recent years, despite repeated outbreaks of COVID-19 and the complex and ever-changing external economic environment, companies listed in most industries have achieved steady growth.

Among the 18 categories of industries, 17 industries have increased operating income, and nearly 80% of the industries have achieved profitability.

The willingness of manufacturing investment to expand production continues to increase. The long-term asset investment expenditure of 3,048 manufacturing companies was 41.368 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 19.11%.

2,631 tertiary industry companies achieved a net profit of 23.201 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 26.85%; among them, modern service companies such as information technology are more driven by innovation, and the ratio of R&D intensity is 4.30% on average, 1.66 percentage points higher than the overall service industry. Driven by a 36.96% increase in performance; the contact industries are gradually recovering, and the transportation, warehousing and postal industries, as well as the leasing and business services industries have turned losses into profits as a whole, and are gradually getting rid of the major adverse effects of the new crown epidemic.

  In 2021, companies listed on the New Third Board will actively integrate into the national development strategy, give full play to the advantages of small and medium-sized enterprises in supplementing and extending the chain in the industrial chain, and provide comprehensive support for resource supply, equipment support, and technical services.

The development of the digital economy is accelerating, and over 70% of the companies in the emerging industries of the New Third Board strategy are engaged in hot industries such as integrated circuits, 5G applications, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence. The scale continues to expand, and there are layouts in the entire industrial chain of infrastructure-technical support-application services.

The green energy economy continued to develop, and 45 green energy production companies continued to expand production, with operating income and investment scale increasing by 28.83% and 22.15% year-on-year respectively; 13 green energy application companies made profit restoration, especially related to new energy battery materials. Corporate profits have grown substantially.

5. The export-oriented economy overcomes difficulties, and the innovation engine is full of power

  The effective prevention and control of the domestic epidemic and the advantages of stable supply chain help listed companies to actively adapt to the new pattern of the international economic cycle and seize the new opportunities brought about by the expansion of overseas market demand and changes in the supply structure.

Listed companies that disclosed their overseas performance increased their annual overseas operating income by 28.14% over the previous year, with a compound growth of 18.24% in the past two years.

Among them, the export value of optional consumer goods such as motor vehicle spare parts, home appliances and leisure increased the most, reaching 47.49%.

  In 2021, the innovation engine of listed companies will continue to increase, becoming a booster for the high-quality development, transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

The total R&D investment of the listed companies is 49.211 billion yuan, an increase of 15.69% year-on-year. Nearly 60% of the companies have increased their R&D investment, and nearly 20% of the companies have more than 10% R&D intensity. sexual progress.

2,275 high-tech manufacturing and service industries have become a new force in promoting the innovation and development of listed companies, with a research and development intensity of 5.51%, and a research and development investment of 24.149 billion yuan, accounting for 49.07% of the total market.

6. Actively perform social responsibilities and attach importance to giving back to investors

  In 2021, the number of employees of listed companies will reach 1,445,200, adding 44,100 jobs compared with 2020. The annual salary of employees will be 178.163 billion yuan, an increase of 19.54% compared with the previous year. Three-board strength.

  In terms of giving back to shareholders, as of now, 1,332 listed companies have disclosed their 2021 dividend plans, with a total cash dividend of 18.77 billion yuan; 69 share repurchase plans will be disclosed in 2021, and the total planned repurchase amount will exceed 1.55 billion yuan, which is higher than the previous The annual increase of 95 million yuan brings investors a sense of gain in real money.

At the same time, in this year's annual report disclosure season, the number of listed companies planning to hold performance briefings increased by nearly 30% compared with the previous year, and key entities such as the company's chairman communicated and interacted with investors, enabling investors to understand the company more comprehensively and fully.