A resource development company funded by the Japanese government and a subsidiary of ENEOS Holdings has announced that it will withdraw from the gas field mining business in Myanmar.

Based on the situation after the coup d'etat by the Myanmar military, it was judged that it would be difficult to continue the business.

This was announced on the 2nd by JX Petroleum Development, a subsidiary of the Japanese government and ENEOS Holdings, and "JX Myanmar Petroleum Development" invested by Mitsubishi Corporation.

"JX Myanmar Oil Development".

It has a 19% stake in the Yetagung gas field off the southern coast of Myanmar, which has been producing natural gas since 2000.

However, after the Myanmar military took control in a coup d'etat in February last year, human rights groups and others have criticized that resource development in Myanmar is the source of income for the military.

For this reason, "JX Myanmar Oil Development" decided that it would be difficult to continue the business, considering the current situation that the recent production volume had decreased to less than 1/10 of the peak, and the procedure for withdrawal on the 2nd. Announced to start.

According to the company, the natural gas produced in this gas field is not supplied to Japan, and it will be officially withdrawn after obtaining the approval of the Myanmar government in the future.

Malaysia and Thailand's state-owned energy companies have announced their withdrawal one after another over the gas field by the 2nd.

JX Myanmar Oil Development commented, "I hope that the alarming situation in Myanmar will be resolved as soon as possible."