China News Service, Wuhan, May 1st (Yao Jingjing and Hu Kai) Hubei's first smart expressway - Ezhou Airport Expressway, which was independently designed, invested, constructed and operated by Hubei Communications Investment Group, was officially opened for trial operation at 0:00 on May 1st. .

The expressway is an important part of the "idle transfer" of Ezhou Huahu Airport, and provides "hard connectivity" for the creation of a "dual hub" for air passengers and cargo.

  The first phase of Ezhou Airport Expressway starts from the south interface of Huahu Airport and ends at the north side of Tingzu Town, connecting with Wuhuang Expressway.

The total length of the route is 13.042km, and the whole line adopts two-way six-lane, with a design speed of 120 kilometers per hour.

Hubei Ezhou Airport Expressway opens to traffic (photographed by drone) Gao Ya

  As the first smart expressway in Hubei, Ezhou Airport Expressway introduced grating sensing technology, and a total of 16,000 grating sensors were installed to implant "sensing nerves" for the airport expressway. +Detection" multiple perception functions, enabling the integration of highways.

Hubei Ezhou Airport Expressway opens to traffic (photographed by drone) Gao Ya

  After the operation of Ezhou Airport Expressway, it will strengthen the interconnection between eastern Ezhou and Wuhan, Huangshi and other places, and improve the road network layout in eastern Ezhou.

In the future, it will only take 1 hour to drive from Ezhou Huahu Airport to Wuhan Optics Valley, which is 40 minutes shorter than the current time. At the same time, the project will serve the rapid distribution of Ezhou Airport and surrounding supporting industries, greatly reduce logistics costs, and provide multimodal support for the Yangtze River Economic Belt. It is of great significance to build the intermodal transport system and drive the development of the airport economy in Wuhan city circle.