Implement intelligent management, set up nucleic acid testing points at toll stations... All localities will make every effort to ensure the smooth flow of logistics during the May Day holiday

  During the May Day holiday, all localities will make every effort to ensure the smooth transportation of freight logistics.

According to the monitoring and summary data of the Office of the Leading Group for Logistics Guarantee and Smoothness of the State Council: Affected by the May 1st holiday, the scale of freight shipments decreased slightly, and the logistics operation was generally smooth.

The scale of freight has decreased slightly, and the logistics operation is generally smooth

  On May 1, the national railway transported 10.973 million tons of goods, down 2.60% from the previous month; 4.7433 million trucks passed through the national highways, down 27.44% from the previous month; the national key ports completed a cargo throughput of 34.016 million tons, down 10.4% from the previous month, and completed containers Throughput was 709,000 TEUs, down 14.4% month-on-month.

Hebei: Take multiple measures to ensure smooth transportation of important materials

  During the May Day holiday, the reporter saw at the Huozhai Expressway, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, that the high-speed traffic police were checking and dredging large vehicles passing by to ensure the smooth passage of vehicles for the transportation of epidemic prevention materials and fresh agricultural products.

In order to ensure the smooth transportation of materials, Hebei Province has formulated the "Standard Process for the Management of Epidemic Prevention Checkpoints to Ensure Access and Smoothness", which regulates the establishment of epidemic prevention checkpoints, prohibits repeated nucleic acid testing, and implements the "collect, walk and chase" system.

At present, all 519 toll stations in Hebei Province remain open except for 3 under construction, and 204 pairs of service areas are all operated to the outside world.

  He Junhui, head of the order and safety management team of the high-speed traffic police corps of the Hebei Provincial Public Security Department: We will open up green channels for vehicles transporting epidemic prevention materials, fresh agricultural products and emergency patients.

Changxing, Zhejiang: Smart management optimizes logistics and transportation processes

  In response to the time-consuming and laborious offline reporting and summarization, and the time-consuming checkpoint inquiry and inspection, Zhejiang Changxing has launched the "long line code", relying on the electronic approval process, to realize the basic information of truck drivers, two codes and one certificate, estimated time of arrival, driving distance, etc. The integrated display of information such as departure time and off-highway points, intensive approval, and intelligent management of all incoming and outgoing freight vehicles.

  Hu Zujun, the driver of the big truck: With this long line, the driver should get off the high speed smoothly, it will not take more than ten minutes.

Jinan, Shandong: Nucleic acid testing points are set up at toll stations to serve drivers

  In view of the long transportation mileage of large trucks, drivers and passengers often have negative nucleic acid test certificates exceeding the validity period. Jinan, Shandong has set up 8 fixed nucleic acid test points at major high-speed toll stations.

Drivers and passengers can pass normally after completing the test. If there is an abnormal test result, the test point will be traced immediately, and the epidemic prevention and control policy will be implemented as soon as possible.

  Li Chengqiu, a truck driver: I came from Liaoning. The nucleic acid expired after 48 hours on the road. It happened to be off the highway, and I caught up with the nucleic acid maker here, which is very convenient for our truck drivers.

  Li Sijian, head of the Highway Emergency Rescue Department of the Transportation Development Center of Shandong Jinan City: Implement management in accordance with relevant epidemic prevention and control policies to ensure that no one person and one vehicle are missed, and to ensure the safety of citizens and the smooth and orderly transportation of materials.