Core point of view:

Mao Tonghui, a columnist of China Economic Net, believes that unswervingly implementing the innovation-driven strategy, further stimulating innovation vitality, releasing innovation momentum, and maintaining a good momentum of innovation, not only through the unfavorable environment such as the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the complex and turbulent international situation. The urgent need for innovation and development to boost the economy and achieve "stability" is to focus on the long-term, constantly optimize the industrial structure, promote industrial upgrading, and achieve the inevitable requirement of "progress".

  Recently, due to the combined effects of domestic and foreign factors such as the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, China's economic development has faced increasing uncertainties.

Under such circumstances, the momentum of innovation and development remains unabated, becoming a strong support for stabilizing China's economic growth.

  Data from the National Bureau of Statistics showed that the economy achieved steady growth in the first quarter.

Among them, innovation has played an important role.

On the one hand, new industries continue to grow.

In the first quarter, the added value of high-tech manufacturing industry increased by 14.2% year-on-year, and the added value of information transmission, software and information technology services increased by 10.8%, all of which maintained rapid growth.

On the other hand, investment in high-tech industries representing technological innovation maintained a relatively high growth rate.

In the first quarter, investment in high-tech industries increased by 27.0% year-on-year, of which investment in high-tech manufacturing and high-tech service industries increased by 32.7% and 14.5% respectively.

These all highlight the market's confidence in innovative development.

  Innovation is the primary driving force for development, as well as the potential, stamina and resilience of economic development.

Especially when the economy has been hit by the epidemic and faced with many unstable and uncertain factors such as sluggish international demand, geopolitical conflicts, and high commodity prices, the strong resilience of the economy is mainly due to the unabated innovation and development.

At present, many physical industries such as tourism, catering, and manufacturing have been affected by the epidemic and their growth has slowed down. At the same time, some new business forms and new models based on digital technology innovation, such as e-commerce live broadcast, telemedicine, online education, and intelligent delivery. However, it has developed rapidly and has become a new "kinetic energy" to support economic growth.

  Unswervingly implement the innovation-driven strategy, further stimulate innovation vitality, release innovation kinetic energy, and maintain a good momentum of innovation, not only to boost the economy through innovation and development under the unfavorable environment such as the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the complex and turbulent international situation to achieve a "stable" economy. There is an urgent need, but also a long-term perspective, continuous optimization of the industrial structure, promotion of industrial upgrading, and realization of the inevitable requirement of "advancing".

Therefore, we must maintain our determination and confidence, vigorously promote innovation and development, create all favorable conditions for innovation breakthroughs, and let innovation vigor like spring water.

  Enterprises are the main body of innovation.

Government departments at all levels should continue to increase the incentives for enterprise innovation, and implement a series of policies to support innovation, such as various loosening incentive policies for scientific and technological talents, various tax and fee incentives for scientific and technological enterprises, and give full play to them. Make a good use of the role of various industry-university-research cooperation platforms, promote the national special action plan of "specialization, specialization and innovation", etc., to help enterprises improve their scientific and technological innovation capabilities.

  Innovation requires a market environment with smooth flow of factors and a well-connected supply and demand chain.

At present, it is urgent to overcome the obstacles of the production and logistics system caused by the epidemic and the prolonged capital cycle of enterprises as soon as possible, to clear the difficulties and blockages, and to "activate blood and remove stasis" for the innovation and development of enterprises.

At the same time, it is necessary to speed up the construction of a unified national market, break down the long-standing barriers of division of interests between departments and local protectionism, so that more people have equal opportunities to participate in innovation, and lay a good foundation for the derivation and cultivation of emerging industries.

(Mao Tonghui, columnist of China Economic Net)