China-Singapore Jingwei, April 30 (Ma Jing) Next week (May 2-May 8), the People's Bank of China will announce data on foreign exchange reserves in April.

Internationally, the global market focused on the Fed's meeting on interest rates in May. The Russian central bank said that Russian companies must start the process of delisting from foreign stock markets before May 5.

Next week, what other major events are worth paying attention to, come and see!


Coal will implement zero import tentative tax rate

  In order to strengthen the guarantee of energy supply and promote high-quality development, the Customs Tariff Commission of the State Council recently issued an announcement that from May 1, 2022 to March 31, 2023, a provisional import tax rate of zero tax will be implemented for all coal.

  According to the schedule of the announcement, the provisional import tax rate of zero will be implemented this time for imported coal that originally implemented the most-favored-nation tax rate of 3%, 5% or 6%.

Industry insiders pointed out that energy is the basic support for economic and social development. Adjusting coal import tariffs will help to cope with the recent complex domestic and foreign situations, promote coal imports, and strengthen coal supply guarantees.

China implements overseas remote video notarization in some countries

  In order to relieve the worries of overseas compatriots and save the time and economic cost of such notarization, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, together with the Ministry of Justice, organized embassies and consulates abroad to cooperate with domestic notary institutions to carry out overseas remote video notarization.

Since May 5, overseas remote video notarization will be implemented in more than 60 embassies and consulates abroad.

From May 3rd, Beijing nucleic acid test is free for citizens

  In order to ensure the smooth and orderly implementation of normalized testing and maximize the convenience for citizens to carry out testing, starting from May 3, Beijing nucleic acid testing is free for citizens, and the required costs are jointly borne by financial funds and medical insurance funds.

At the same time, further optimize the layout of nucleic acid sampling outlets in the city, ensure that sufficient and scientific sampling outlets are established in each district, and announce to the public in a timely manner.

  In addition, it should be noted that according to the decision of the capital’s strict entry into Beijing to manage the joint prevention and control coordination mechanism, starting from May 5, Beijing citizens entering various public places, taking public transportation, etc. must hold a negative nucleic acid test certificate within 7 days. .

If there are specific epidemic prevention requirements, the organization and management party can shorten the nucleic acid detection time requirements.

The 100th Anniversary Stamp Issue of the Communist Youth League of China

  China Post will issue a set of 2 commemorative stamps on May 5, "The Centenary of the Founding of the Communist Youth League of China", with a face value of 80 cents and 1.20 yuan respectively. .


  Next week, the People's Bank of China is due to release data on China's official reserve assets, gold and foreign exchange reserves for April.

Internationally, the United States will release data such as April manufacturing PMI, ADP employment, API and EIA crude oil inventory changes, and Japan, the European Union and the United Kingdom will successively release April manufacturing PMI, consumption and other related data.


A-share market closed for three days

  The A-share market will be closed from May 2 to May 4, and the rest of the time period will follow normal trading hours.

In terms of Hong Kong stocks, according to the arrangement of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Hong Kong stocks will be closed for one day on May 2 due to Labor Day, and will be closed for one day due to Buddha's Birthday on May 9, and the rest of the time period will follow normal trading hours.

Hong Kong Stock Connect will not provide services from April 28 to May 4, and will open services as usual from May 5.

Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Connect will not provide services from May 2 to May 4, and the market will open as usual on May 5.

29.6 billion market value restricted shares will be lifted next week

  Wind statistics show that a total of 32 companies with restricted shares will be lifted one after another next week, with a total of 1.395 billion shares lifted. Based on the closing price on April 29, the lifted market value is 29.638 billion yuan.

  From the perspective of the market value of the lifting of the ban, May 5 was the peak period for the lifting of the ban. The total market value of the 19 companies lifted the ban was 25.465 billion yuan, accounting for 85.92% of the scale of the lifting of the ban next week.

According to the closing price on April 29, the top three companies in terms of market value lifted are: Central Shares (7.757 billion yuan), North China Creation (6.683 billion yuan), and Baiyun Airport (3.557 billion yuan).

Judging from the number of individual stocks lifted, the top three stocks lifted are: Baiyun Airport (297 million shares), Dongfeng Shares (201 million shares), and Zhonghuan Shares (199 million shares).

60 billion reverse repurchase expires next week

  Next week, 60 billion yuan of reverse repurchase will expire in the central bank's open market, of which Monday to Wednesday are holidays, 50 billion yuan of reverse repurchase will expire on Thursday (May 5), and 100 yuan will expire on Friday (May 6). million yuan due.

No MLF due next week.

new rule

The Hague Agreement on the International Registration of Industrial Designs enters into force

  At the beginning of this year, China officially joined the Hague Agreement on the International Registration of Industrial Designs, which will come into effect on May 5. According to the above-mentioned agreement, applicants only need to submit an international application to seek designs in relevant contracting parties. Design protection greatly facilitates applicants, improves registration efficiency, and reduces registration costs.

new shares

  Next week, the new stock Jiangsu Huachen (the main board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange) will announce the results of the lottery on May 5.

Another three new shares were subscribed for, namely Dayu Bio (Beijing Stock Exchange), Zhongke Jiangnan (GEM), and Prius (GEM).


Fed to raise interest rates in May

  The Fed's next meeting on interest rates will be held on May 3-4 EST.

Since the March meeting, Fed officials have taken turns to deliver speeches. During this period, they have also released the minutes of the March meeting and the heavy data of the US consumer price index (CPI) in March. The base point's voice is getting louder.

  In addition, the Bank of England will announce its interest rate decision and meeting minutes, and Bank of England Governor Bailey will hold a monetary policy press conference. The Reserve Bank of Australia and the Central Bank of Brazil will also announce interest rate decisions from May 3 to 6.

Eurozone finance ministers to discuss deposit fund plan

  Euro zone finance ministers will discuss plans for a deposit fund next Tuesday (May 3), with the EU aiming to create the first joint deposit guarantee fund by 2024.

The 28th ministerial meeting of oil-producing countries was held

  The 28th ministerial meeting of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and non-OPEC producers will be held on May 5.

At the 27th ministerial meeting held by video on March 31, OPEC and non-OPEC oil-producing countries decided to maintain the original moderate production increase plan in May this year, that is, the monthly total output was increased by an average of 432,000 barrels per day.

Russian companies must start procedures for delisting from foreign stock markets

  The Central Bank of Russia issued an announcement a few days ago that Russian securities issuers must start delisting procedures for overseas depositary receipts before May 5.

Previously, Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law prohibiting the placement and circulation of stock depositary receipts of Russian issuers in foreign stock markets, terminating the circulation of stock depositary receipts of Russian companies and banks abroad in order to reposition them in the Russian stock market. .

Greece lifts entry restrictions to welcome global tourists

  Greek officials announced a few days ago that entry regulations related to the new crown epidemic will be lifted on May 2, and all inbound passengers, regardless of their nationality, do not need to show proof of vaccination, recovery, and testing.

That means this summer, tourists and locals alike will be able to enter public indoor and outdoor venues in Greece without having to show any negative test results, proof of recovery or vaccinations.

New Zealand opens borders to visa-free countries

  According to New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern's recently announced border opening plan, from May 2, the border will be opened to tourists from New Zealand's visa-free countries, but incoming visitors must receive two doses of the new crown vaccine and provide a negative new crown virus test before boarding. Report.

Eligible tourists can enter without quarantine.

Apple to face new EU antitrust charges

  Apple faces new EU antitrust charges next week over how it operates Apple Pay,media reported citing people familiar with the matter.

Apple will be charged with violating EU law and, if convicted, will be fined 10 percent of its global turnover.

Ford's first plant to shut down next week

  Ford Motor, the second-largest U.S. automaker, said its Flat Rock plant, where it assembles Mustangs, will shut down next week due to a shortage of semiconductor chips.

In addition, Ford previously said that it has produced about 53,000 vehicles but has not yet shipped them, as they are waiting for final parts due to a shortage of chips.

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