During the "May 1st" period, the emergency power transmission service in Beijing will open the green channel for power connection such as the sealed and controlled areas throughout the day

  China News Service, Beijing, April 29 (Xu Jing) The reporter learned from the State Grid Beijing Electric Power Company (referred to as "State Grid Beijing Electric Power") on the 29th that the current State Grid Beijing Electric Power's "May 1" holiday power supply guarantee strength and service measures All deployments are in place, and the Beijing power grid is running smoothly as a whole, with sufficient power supply.

During the festival, State Grid Beijing Electric Power will follow up the regional epidemic prevention and control situation in real time, and give priority to responding to the emergency power demand of epidemic prevention enterprises and institutions and sealed and controlled communities.

  In response to the local festivals for many citizens, State Grid Beijing Electric Power has optimized power supply emergency repair points in various districts of the city, deployed a total of 209 emergency repair teams with 2518 people, 1165 emergency repair vehicles, and 62 sets of power generation vehicles; equipped with 23 multi-professional emergency rescue teams 340 people are working to ensure safe and reliable power supply and high-quality and efficient service.

Cloud monitoring of the operation of line equipment in the sealed and controlled area

  State Grid Beijing Electric Power has continued to strengthen epidemic prevention and control and power grid security during festivals, closely track weather changes, pay attention to changes in power load trends, monitor power grid operation status in real time, strengthen power grid dynamic analysis and operation monitoring, and reasonably arrange power grid operation modes.

Make full use of the distribution automation system and the intelligent power supply service command system to strengthen the operation monitoring of key transmission lines and substations.

Shorten the inspection period of key substations for epidemic prevention, increase special inspections and hidden dangers of key equipment, eliminate safety risks in a timely manner, and ensure the healthy operation of power grid equipment.

  In response to the multiple epidemic control areas designated in Chaoyang, the State Grid Beijing Chaoyang Power Supply Company urgently launched an emergency response for epidemic prevention and control, made preparations for 7*24-hour power supply support in advance, strengthened video monitoring of power transmission channels, and implemented zero-contact "cloud" "Monitor" line equipment operation.

The picture shows the front-line operation and maintenance personnel of the Doudian Power Supply Station of the Beijing Fangshan Power Supply Company of the State Grid receiving emergency power for the newly added epidemic prevention checkpoint in Xiaogaoshe Village of Doudian.

Photo courtesy of State Grid Beijing Electric Power

The isolation point opens the green channel for power connection

  On the basis of doing its best to prevent and control the epidemic, State Grid Beijing Electric Power focuses on strengthening the security and service of electricity consumption for nine categories of customers, including designated hospitals, centralized isolation places, nucleic acid testing points, and closed and controlled communities.

  In order to ensure the power consumption of the sealed and controlled communities, the power supply companies in each district strengthened communication and coordination with the streets (towns) and neighborhood committees (villages), deployed emergency repair forces and materials in advance, and prepared emergency generators for access to ensure that emergency support was provided as soon as possible.

  In Beijing Chaoyang and other areas, epidemic prevention and control medical institutions and material production enterprises, nucleic acid testing points, centralized isolation points and other epidemic prevention customers can enjoy the "green channel for power connection". The "three priority" service of priority construction and priority power transmission; in Fangshan, Shunyi and other areas, the power supply company arranges the power account manager within the jurisdiction to closely connect with the property electrician and village electrician in the closed community, and establish a 24-hour communication and contact mechanism for electricity guarantee, remote Guide the operation and maintenance of electrical equipment.

  Emergency power transmission service is open all day

  It is understood that from April 29, all landscape lighting facilities in the city will be turned on in accordance with the level of major holidays within 6 days.

The Beijing Urban Lighting Management Center will do a good job in the opening and closing of landscape lighting and urban lighting security within its jurisdiction, arrange 19 street lamp repair teams, and 170 emergency duty personnel to conduct 24-hour uninterrupted inspections and on-duty to improve the integrity rate and brightness of facilities. Light rate, do a good job in urban lighting protection.

  During the festival period, the State Grid Beijing Electric Power Emergency Power Transmission Service will be available all day long. Citizens can use the “Online State Grid” APP, the “State Grid Beijing Electric Power” WeChat public account, or dial 24 hours if there is a power outage at home due to failure to purchase electricity in time. Electricity service hotline 95598 to apply for emergency power transmission service; in case of electricity problems, in addition to dialing the 95598 hotline, you can also consult online customer service through the “State Grid Beijing Electric Power” WeChat public account “Wei Business Hall”.

  In order to ensure the safe and reliable use of electricity by the general public, State Grid Beijing Electric Power reminds citizens to pay attention to safe electricity consumption and save electricity during the "May Day" festival. If you are away from home for a long time, please turn off the power supply at home.

When engaging in outdoor activities such as kite flying and fishing, please stay away from power transmission and transformation facilities and power lines to ensure personal and power grid safety.