Raid at Deutsche Bank: Search measures are currently being carried out on Deutsche Bank premises based on a search warrant by the Frankfurt district court, as the Frankfurt public prosecutor announced on Friday.

Officials from the public prosecutor's office in Frankfurt, the Federal Criminal Police Office and the financial supervisory authority Bafin are involved in the action, the judiciary in Frankfurt announced.

The public prosecutor's office is currently unable to provide any further information due to the ongoing investigative measures.

"It is an investigative measure by the public prosecutor's office in Frankfurt in connection with reports of suspected money laundering that the bank has submitted.

Deutsche Bank is fully cooperating with the authorities," a spokesman for the institute told the FAZ.

The Bafin declined to comment.

After the searches became known, the shares of the money house came under pressure.

The papers give up their daily gains of 2.8 percent at times and are down 3 percent.

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