Securities Times reporter Li Manning

  The disclosure of the 2021 annual report is coming to an end. As of April 28, when the Securities Times reporter published the report, the full picture of the A-share 2021 transcript has been roughly presented.

Wind statistics show that the 4,264 companies that have disclosed their annual reports achieved a total revenue of 61.4 trillion yuan, an increase of 21% year-on-year on a comparable basis; the total net profit was 5.10 trillion yuan, an increase of about 22% year-on-year.

  Up to now, 3,755 A-share companies have achieved profitability, accounting for about 88% of the disclosed companies.

Among them, the performance of 2,711 companies increased compared with 2020, accounting for more than 60%.

In addition, compared with the data of the third quarterly report in 2021, the growth rate of net profit of more than 1,400 companies in the fourth quarter was higher than that in the third quarterly report.

  In addition, the performance "portraits" of various industries in A-shares have emerged.

In the second year affected by the epidemic, the structural differentiation between various industry sectors became more prominent.

According to Wind statistics, among the 31 Shenwan primary industries, 26 will achieve overall net profit growth in 2021, and the top five industries with net profit growth are comprehensive, media, petroleum and petrochemical, transportation and non-ferrous metals. , the year-on-year growth rates were as high as 617.13%, 233.25%, 149.09%, 140.08% and 127.29% respectively.

  The agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery industry became the industry with the most severe year-on-year decline in net profit last year, with a drop of 140%.

In addition, social services, utilities, beauty care and real estate also saw year-over-year earnings declines.

  On the whole, in the whole industry chain in 2021, the profits of many upstream cyclical sectors of the industry chain will generally improve under the background of rising raw material prices and rebounding downstream demand.

In addition, the production enterprises of epidemic prevention and control products that performed well in 2020 will generally decline in performance in 2021.

  Specific to individual stocks, from the perspective of performance growth, 731 companies have a net profit growth rate of more than 100%, and 37 companies have a net profit growth rate of more than 1000%.

Among them, Nord, Hebang Bio, Yuanxing Energy and Tianji shares have the highest growth rates, and their profits in 2021 will increase by more than 70 times year-on-year.

  In the ranking of net profit scale, the top five companies in A-share net profit in 2021 are Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, China Construction Bank, Agricultural Bank of China, Bank of China and China Merchants Bank.

It is worth mentioning that, compared with the previous year, the top ten are taken up by financial listed companies, and the faces of the 2021 annual report season will be updated. China Mobile, which landed on A shares earlier this year, ranked sixth with a net profit of 115.937 billion yuan, and PetroChina ranked sixth. Net profit was 92.161 billion yuan, rising to eighth.

Shipping giant COSCO SHIPPING Holdings ranked ninth with a net profit of 89.296 billion yuan.

  In the first quarter of this year, A-share companies also faced multiple tests against the background of the spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic and international geopolitical conflicts.

As of press time, more than 70% of A-share companies have increased their revenue in the first quarter.

According to Wind statistics, the current A-share company's overall operating income in the first quarter of this year has increased by 17% year-on-year, and its net profit has increased by 10% year-on-year. Its overall performance also highlights the role of listed companies as a new force in high-quality economic development.