Zhongxin Finance, April 28 (Zhang Nigecheng) The reporter learned from China National Railway Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the National Railway Group) that the 2022 national railway May 1st holiday transportation started today, from April 28 to 5 On the 5th, for a period of 8 days, it is expected that the national railway will send 32 million passengers, and the passenger flow is generally running at a low level.

The railway department has coordinated epidemic prevention and control and passenger and freight transportation, scientifically dispatched transportation resources, optimized train running plans, and increased efforts to ensure smooth freight transportation, so as to ensure the safe and orderly travel of the people and the smooth operation of the economy.

Accurately implement "one picture a day" to flexibly serve the travel needs of passengers.

Actively respond to the impact of the epidemic, pay close attention to the adjustment of epidemic prevention and control policies and changes in passenger flow across the country, make full use of the big data of the 12306 ticketing system, implement "one map a day", dynamically and flexibly arrange capacity, and accurately meet the travel needs of passengers.

In low-risk areas, for popular routes with strong passenger demand, the reconnected operation of mobile trains will be implemented, high-speed railways and regular-speed trains will be added, and the operation map of weekend lines and peak lines will be activated in a timely manner to increase transportation capacity in a timely manner; strengthen the management of railway bureau group companies. Trains are organized to accurately meet the travel needs of short- and medium-distance passengers in low-risk areas to visit relatives, travel, etc.; establish a rapid response mechanism, reserve a certain number of hot-standby EMUs in key areas, and be ready to go online at any time to deal with unexpected passenger flows.

Implement measures to ensure smooth flow, and make every effort to ensure the transportation of key materials.

Make full use of the transportation capacity vacated by the suspension and reduction of passenger cars due to the epidemic prevention and control, make good use of the main freight channels and busy trunk lines such as Daqin, Tangbao, Wari, Haoji, etc., carry out the tough battle of freight, make every effort to ensure the smooth flow of logistics, and promote the supply chain of the industrial chain Stable, providing support for people's livelihood, smooth freight transport, and industrial circulation.

Intensify efforts to ensure the supply of key materials for the national economy and people's livelihood. For the transportation of key materials such as epidemic prevention, electricity, coal, oil, fertilizer, and grain, priority is given to vehicle allocation, loading, and unloading, and monitoring and control of operations on the way are strengthened to ensure that all the goods should be loaded, Express shipments; strengthen communication and coordination with local governments and key enterprises, dynamically understand demand, ensure transportation capacity supply, open up green channels, strengthen the connection between both ends, smooth the "last mile", and ensure the rapid delivery of various materials; strengthen China-Europe freight trains , the new western land-sea channel train, and the China-Laos railway international train transportation organization to improve the cargo handling capacity of railway port stations and maintain the stability and smoothness of the international supply chain.

Strengthen epidemic prevention and control efforts and create a healthy and safe travel environment.

Adhere to the general strategy of "preventing import from outside, preventing rebound from inside" and the general policy of "dynamic clearing",

continue to suspend or reduce trains departing from epidemic-related areas, optimize train running routes, detour to avoid risk areas, stop sales or limit the number of trains.

Sell ​​through train tickets to reduce the flow of people

; strictly implement the prevention and control measures at stations and trains such as temperature measurement and code inspection, decentralized waiting, ventilation and disinfection, and reserved isolation seats, strictly control the passenger rate of trains, and promote the use of face recognition to enter the station and scan the code to order food and other contactless services; strengthen the organization of passengers on and off, dynamically increase verification and security check channels, and implement basic services such as cleaning, catering, and water supply.

Strengthen key passenger services, accept reservations through 12306 website, telephone, APP and other channels, and provide caring services such as priority entry, assistance in getting on and off, and convenient exit to ensure safe and orderly travel for passengers.

  The railway department reminds passengers and friends that the specific arrangement of trains during the holiday can be inquired through the railway 12306 website (including mobile client) and the announcements of major railway stations across the country.

Please take good personal health protection during the journey, wear masks in the whole process, reduce gatherings and walks, maintain a safe distance, cooperate with the railway department to implement various epidemic prevention measures, and jointly maintain a safe and healthy travel environment.