Innovation is the first driving force for development.

Recently, the State Intellectual Property Office announced the evaluation results of the "23rd China Patent Award".

The strength of Dali Intelligent Learning Lamp has won the "China Patent Award - Design Excellence Award", which also means that Dali Intelligent Innovation Technology has been highly recognized by the State Intellectual Property Office and industry experts.

  The China Patent Award is the highest award in the field of intellectual property rights in my country, and it is also the only government department award in China that awards inventions and creations with patent rights.

The award is co-hosted by the State Intellectual Property Office of China and the World Intellectual Property Organization, and has been recognized by the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). Its gold content and authority are evident.

Innovative lamp head design solves the technical bottleneck of the industry

  The Vigorous Intelligent Learning Lamp, which won the "China Patent Award - Design Excellence Award" this time, has become synonymous with the T-shaped desk lamp in the industry.

If it is said that new interaction methods will lead to new designs and new products, then based on innovative interactions such as finger-pointing, vigorous intelligence has undoubtedly created and innovated a new category of intelligent learning lamps: the patented design of the "double-wing lamp head" developed by it. "It not only satisfies the interactive needs of children and desk lamps, but also shortens the distance between products and children, and breaks through the problems of "uneven lighting of desk lamps" on the market at that time and the technical bottleneck of the industry.

  After several versions of the plan, the Dali Intelligent R&D team got inspiration from the "surgical shadowless lamp". They arranged 17,000 millimeter-level microlenses on the surface of the double-wing lamp head. These microlenses can connect 56 lamp beads. The emitted light sources are scattered and illuminated from multiple angles to form an effect similar to a medical shadowless lamp.

At the same time, combined with the innovative forward light projection technology, this lamp evenly transmits light to the child's reading and writing area, reducing reading shadows to a greater extent and improving learning concentration.

According to relevant experiments, the T6 series of vigorously intelligent learning lights can completely illuminate a large desk of 1.2 meters, and its effective light area is 242% of the national AA standard.

  At the same time, based on the eye habits and physiological characteristics of Chinese children, Dali Intelligence also cooperated with the Visual Health and Safety Protection Laboratory of the China National Institute of Standardization to jointly create the "Rhythmic Light Eye Protection Algorithm". After tens of thousands of tests, it found that The brightness curve that is more comfortable for the eyes can achieve 37 cyclic brightness adjustments per hour. This brightness change is difficult to detect with the naked eye, but it can make children's eyes as relaxed as they are outdoors.

  These industry-leading eye protection black technologies have not only allowed the Dali intelligent learning lamp to meet the VICO A-level visual health and comfort standard, but also passed the German Rheinland Low Blue Light Certification, "Certification of Hygienic Requirements for the Prevention and Control of Myopia in Children and Adolescent Learning Lamps" ( Issued by China Quality Certification Center (CQC), etc., which also means that vigorously intelligent learning lights can help protect children and adolescents' visual health and prevent and control myopia.

Multi-dimensional innovation to create "focus on learning all-in-one equipment"

  In addition to technological innovations in eye protection, Dali Smart has also made a lot of efforts in product aesthetics and practicability.

For example, while ensuring the stability of the lamp, the base can take up as little area as possible on the child's desk, and the minimalist aesthetic design can also make it fit into various home styles.

  In addition, as an "all-in-one device focused on learning", Dali Smart Learning Lamp integrates high-end eye protection lamps, dictionary pens, smart speakers, and learning machines, and is innovatively equipped with the "KidsInside self-learning system".

Through fingertip reading, homework correction, online self-study room and other software and hardware functions and services, let children "want to learn - learn - insist on learning", and gradually develop a good habit of independent learning, while also allowing parents to timely Master your child's weaknesses and not miss their growth.

  Dali Intelligent Learning Light won the "China Patent Award - Design Excellence Award", which is a high recognition of its research and development concept and leading technology.

Adhering to the brand vision of "Ignite each child's self-learning motivation", Dali Intelligence will continue to take user needs as the origin of innovation, and use the power of technology to explore more innovative applications in home learning scenarios, and continue to help Chinese children and adolescents grow healthily .