Zhongxin Finance, April 28 (Ge Cheng) After experiencing the "six rises and one fall" situation in 2022, will oil prices rise again?

  At 24:00 on April 28th, a new round of refined oil price adjustment window will open. After the previous round of "dramatic decline", the price of refined oil products in this round may "recover".

  According to the calculation of Jinlianchuang, as of April 27, the average price of reference crude oil varieties was 108.1 US dollars / barrel, with a change rate of 4.10%, and the corresponding domestic gasoline and diesel retail prices should be increased by 220 yuan / ton.

  During this round of pricing cycle, the Fed is expected to raise interest rates sharply, and the market's concerns about the growth prospects of energy demand have led to pressure on oil prices, and the trend of crude oil futures prices fluctuated and fell.

Affected by the volatility and fall in the trend of crude oil, the positive range of the rate of change of crude oil prices has been continuously narrowed.

  On April 26, crude oil futures prices closed higher.

Jinlianchuang crude oil analyst Han Zhengji said that investors are analyzing the impact of China's economy and epidemic prevention and control measures on the energy market, and the demand outlook has eased slightly.

  From the overall trend, since 2022, international oil prices have continued to soar, and domestic refined oil prices have experienced "six rises and one fall".

According to agency forecasts, after this round of price adjustments, No. 95 gasoline may return to the "9 yuan era".